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Down, Set…Digital

Our newest Digital Account Manager joined us on the third-floor porch, a causal and appropriate spot to peer down Magnolia’s bustling avenue and mere feet away from his future desk. We talked about the nuances of football, Tupac and Linkedin. That’s the Big Three… So, without any more introduction, Here’s our interview with Dylan Braun:



What are the three things you would want them to know about you?

Family always comes first, then responsibility and then fun. Fun’s a big part of that.

I have one brother, two stepsisters and another stepbrother. My brother is 24, both of my stepsisters are 24, but they’re not twins, and my other stepbrother is 30. My immediate family lives in Austin, but my brother and I live together in Dallas. A lot of my extended family lives in Austin, but they’re all over the country. A lot in California, a lot in New York and a lot in Texas in general. Family comes first before anything.


So, you’re from Austin, did you always live in Austin?

Yep, born and raised. So, where I’m from is a small town outside of City Limits, it’s called Creedmoor/ Mustang Ridge. It’s a little bitty town. It’s really close to Lockhart, Texas, so barbecue capital of the world. Growing up, we were a fifteen-minute drive to downtown, so not very far.


What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

I like being active. This is a new thing by the way, for a long time, in college, I wasn’t super active. I play Australian rules football and I want to play Gaelic football this season, which is similar to Australian rules but it’s the Irish version. They use a different ball and not much contact. I love playing basketball. Sports, sports, sports, sports.

I am a huge Spurs fan and a huge Longhorn fan. I am the only one who didn’t go to UT in my family. I got accepted to other places and needed to leave Austin to grow up a bit. It was totally worth it.


What made you want to be active? Where was that transition?

I was always big into sports. I played a lot of sports in high school and recreation in college, but didn’t really pay attention to myself. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize they need to care of their body and their health. If you find ways that you really enjoy doing it, for me, basketball, cycling and Australian rules football, it’s easy. I started playing Australian rules football with my last boss and he brought me out with a bunch of other guys from work. I remembered how much I loved playing sports and being part of a team. It re-energized me to be athletic and be active again. I blew my right ankle out in college playing basketball and I couldn’t walk or do anything. I stopped taking care of myself and gained weight, which is when I realized I had to find a way to take care of myself. Now on a Saturday, I’ll go and ride about 30 miles. My friend who’s training for an Iron Man will ride 60 miles on Saturday and invites me to do a couple laps with her. I like riding White Rock, because there are people everywhere and I get to people watch.


So back to Australian Rules football, have you ever been to Australia, or did your boss just get you into it?

My boss was the main influence and then all the other Aussie boys that we play with are great fun. I love to be around them. They’re good guys, good banter. I can’t wait to go to Australia. It looks so awesome and I’ve heard so many great stories. I am trying to go this Christmas, when a lot of the boys will be back. They can show me around, meet all of their friends and I will a have place to stay.


What is your biggest fear?

I have an irrational fear of falling and heights, like almost everybody. When I worked in downtown Dallas, I was on the 26th floor and I couldn’t walk to the window. I would have sweaty palms.


Did you have any nicknames and where did they come from?

So, I guess I have two nicknames. First nickname is just Dyl, easy. It’s short, short for Dylan, I don’t know if you know this, but that’s my name. I’ve also gotten crockadilly, dill pickle.


Tell us one thing you haven’t told any other Schaeferite:

I had cornrows in middle school… Or that I have a big Star of David on the back of my arm. It has script in it also. So, I wanted it to say Michael, because Michael is my first name. I told the tattoo artist what I wanted, downloaded it off the internet, he created it in Photoshop, he gave it to me, he tattooed it on me, I posted it on Facebook and my cousin in Israel goes, “Yo, dude who’s the girl? Did you get married?” and I was like, no and he told me that my tattoo says Michelle. #unblessed.


Digital Account Manager, does that mean you manage holograms because they’re digital? Or are you a hologram and manage all accounts.

It would be really cool if I was a hologram, but I’m not on Tupac status. I’ll go with the first one. I manage holograms on the daily. Slaying holograms.


How did you hear about Schaefer?

I feel like I might’ve known about Schaefer when I worked with Vitamin T. Vitamin T is creative talent agency, so staffing for agencies. I did that for nine months out of college. I think I was familiar with Schaefer, seen a card at one point. I actually came across Schaefer and this job from an email from LinkedIn under jobs we recommend from you. I applied and didn’t think much of it, but was ready to make a move. I heard back and I was like, “oh cool yeah, let me go check them out.” Then I realized it was in Fort Worth and I wondered if I even take this interview. First day walking up to here, it just felt really really good, felt like home. I like Schaefer, a lot. There’s a reason I drive from Dallas every day.

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