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We asked each of our team members to discuss books and types of literature that are impactful and important
to them.

Some may be the literature found in their backpacks and purses, and others may be family heirlooms that shaped who they are. Here is our probings into their bookshelves, and incidentally their lives. Starting with our fearless leader, here is our collection of stories: Pages of Schaefer.

“If we encounter a person of rare intellect, we should ask them what books they read.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson



January 19, 2017

Pages of Schaefer – Sara

      Barneys New York Magazine Holiday Issue   I brought a combination of books and magazines, since I read a myriad of both on a regular basis. I try to make time for reading every day, though sometimes a lack of time prevents that. Anyone that knows me at all knows that I love fashion Read More

January 9, 2017

Pages of Schaefer – Kim

    Little Women   LOUISA MAY ALCOTT   This is the first copy of Little Women that I received from a family friend when I was 10. You can tell by how battered up it is that I’ve read it a lot. I haven’t read it since junior high, but it was a favorite for a Read More

January 9, 2017

Pages of Schaefer – Ken

      Bible You would not embark on a trip without a map. For me, the Bible and the wisdom it contains is the roadmap for my life. As with any trip, if you don’t follow the map you end up getting lost or having problems. In no means am I saying I always Read More

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