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Dropping Anchor
with Stephen Rivera

Yo ho, yo ho, a Navy life for ye! Stephen Rivera is the kind of guy that likes to navigate the seas of advertising and create waves here at Schaefer. With a love for advertising, Stephen entered into the industry after serving just under 6 years in the Navy and graduating from Texas Christian University in 2016. Stephen enjoys seeing the big picture in life but finds details very important to his role as a Senior Account Manager. Stephen works hands on with Schaefer’s real-estate clients. He is always ready to anchor his team and provide anything his clients might need. When he isn’t at work Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife, restoring his new house, playing with his various animals and enjoying some good eats around Fort Worth.


Schaefer: Tell me a little about yourself.
I was born in Texas, but I grew up in Chicago. I was a surgical tech in the Navy for a little under 6 years. It was during this time that I met my wife, Danielle. We have been married for almost nine years now. After the Navy, I went to college with hopes of becoming a dentist. However, after taking Organic Chemistry (worst class ever), I decided to go a different route.


Schaefer: How did you end up in advertising?
I transferred to TCU as a marketing major, but I ended up switching to strategic communications so I could graduate on time. I started out with a PR emphasis, but I quickly found advertising was more up my alley. I completed four internships in account service before I graduated in 2016. After graduating, I accepted a job in Chicago working for FCB on the Jack Daniel’s team.


Schaefer: Why Schaefer Advertising?
Schaefer Advertising was actually where I completed my first internship in advertising and I wanted to work here right after I graduated. I love the company culture at Schaefer. However, life took me a different route. After a two-year stint working on the Jack Daniel’s team at FCB, my wife and I decided we wanted to settle down and be closer to our family. I kept up with Ken and Sara from my internship and had a great opportunity to come back to the agency last year.


Schaefer: What are your favorite food places around Fort Worth?
The Fort Worth food scene is incredible. No matter what you are in the mood for, there is a place here. My wife and I are pretty big foodies – she’s a dietician and while we enjoy eating healthy, we have a couple of “un-healthy” go-tos. Joe T’s is awesome. Give me their tostadas and a margarita, and we are set. You can also find us at various local Mexican restaurants when we are in the mood for breakfast tacos. We love a good classic breakfast taco.


Schaefer: If you had control of the company playlist, what would you play?
My playlist jumps from genre to genre. I’ll be listening to Drake one day and Slipknot the next. I’m a lyric guy so it doesn’t matter what the genre is as long as the lyrics are good. I’ll listen to anything except jazz.


Schaefer: If there weren’t any computers, what job would you do?
I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I have always entertained the idea of getting my doctorate with the dream of teaching at TCU. My mentors have been so crucial in my career path that I would love to return the favor.


Schaefer: So seems like you have a lot of industry experience, what is the biggest piece of advice you have?
I’m a huge supporter of networking. It’s all about the people you know, especially in this industry. You have to take ownership of your own path. Get out there and network!




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