Aprille Martin

Aprille Martin

Title: Receptionist
Nickname: Tia
Senior quote: 
Be the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

Hailing from the small town of Scurry, Texas, Aprille is the first face to greet anyone who  steps through our door—with a whole lot of warmth and a smile. After attending Trinity Valley College, Aprille developed a passion for people and problems—in the best kind of way. Both in and out of the office, she’s become a go-to person to solve any problem, no matter how large or small. She’s punctual, organized and always looking to lend a helping hand. So it makes perfect sense that she’s in charge of organizing everything from files to parties to impromptu photo shoots.  

Besides being an absolute expert at problem solving, Aprille enjoys the peace of the outdoors and wandering about with a camera in hand, ready to snap a photo at a moment’s notice. 

Fun facts:

  • Her hands have made an appearance in an Extra Gum commercial 
  • Lived in Hawaii for 4 months – mahalo very much
  • Collects magnets from the places she’s visited