Senior Front End Developer

David Kurth

David Kurth

Title: Senior Front End Developer
Nickname: “Some people call me Dave”
Senior Quote: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

-Teddy Roosevelt

After graduating from UNT with a degree in Advertising, David began his career in IT recruiting, where he was an informational sponge and learned everything he could from the tech professionals he was hiring. He eventually got the bug for coding and went through a coding boot camp at the Iron Yard, where he immersed himself in 60+ hours a week of learning how to speak in code.

David’s first development position was an internship at an agency called 70KFT, where he worked on brands like GE, Cyxtera, and Virtustream. After this experience, David was hooked and he’s been coding ever since. He enjoys problem-solving, finding ways to fix strange, hard-to-solve issues—perfect for someone who makes the tangled back-end of websites more operable and enjoyable for users.

Outside of work, David enjoys hanging out with his three-year-old daughter who is an avid explorer of their backyard and brewing beer with his family. David’s flagship homebrew is a citrus pale ale that won first place at Brew Riot in 2016 at Bishop Arts. 

Fun facts 

  • David brews his own beer with his father and brother
  • He has an extra bone in his foot
  • At 6’5”, David is the runt in his family