Project Manager - Healthcare

Libby Ball

Title: Project Manager — Healthcare
Nickname: Libs, Lib, Libster
Senior quote: “Peace out!”

Libby considers herself a Monica Geller, so it makes perfect sense that she’s a near-perfect and dedicated Project Manager for our healthcare vertical. Born and raised in Dallas, Libby spent her early career moving around the Midwest. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she ventured farther north to Chicago, where she perfected the skill of leading projects to success at a B2B agency. Libby eventually made her way back to Texas, where she managed client needs and kept things moving smoothly for Dell’s small to medium business catalog and several healthcare accounts before landing at Schaefer.

Outside of work, Libby loves being a mom to her two kids and adorable pup, Buddy, and following recipes exactly when she cooks. The way recipes are intended to be followed. But her true passion is year-round spring cleaning. Ask her to describe her happy place, and tidy is what she’d say. And Monica would agree.

Fun Facts

  • She has freakishly small feet and ears
  • She is the youngest of 6 girls
  • She has an extraordinary memory
  • Loves her morning routine more than her husband (and she loves him a lot)