Staff Accountant

Ridge Schorling

Ridge Schorling

Title: Staff Accountant
Senior quote: “You can do it!”

Born and raised in California, Ridge made the move to the Lonestar State to work at Schaefer. He’s known for making everyday count – completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University) and a masters in Accounting. All while climbing the colors as a jiu jitsu student. Ridge’s passion for numbers and problem solving led to a career in accounting, and he’s excelled at it ever since.

When he isn’t busy handling all things financial for Schaefer, he enjoys watching comedy specials and practicing jiu jitsu. 

Fun facts:

  • Ridge graduated high school at 16 and had his Bachelor’s degree before he turned 20. 
  • He used to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than a minute. Now it’s closer to 2 minutes. 
  • He’s been using the same water container for nearly 4 years now. 
  • He’s a huge comedy fan. Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco, and Tim Dillon are his favorites.