Digital Media Specialist

Taylor Dye

Taylor Dye

Title: Digital Media Specialist
Nicknames: Childhood nicknames include: TD, Boogs, and Tye Dye
Senior quote: “Everything that’s meant to be, will be.”

Accomplished and self disciplined, Taylor has completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in Strategic Communication. Her accomplishments also include 5 internships and has experience in both Account Service and Project Management. With all of this under her belt, Taylor is a happy addition to the Schaefer team.  

Taylor was born in Mexico and raised in Paris, Missouri that is, and has always had an excellent sense of time management and organizational skills. Outside the office, Taylor is an avid explorer of DFW restaurants and coffee shops. Not only is she a mystery show addict and a self taught embroiderer, she is also George Washington’s birthday buddy! She even celebrated her 21st birthday alongside a portrait of him.

Fun facts:

  • Taylor’s goal is to visit all 50 states, she’s been to 33
  • In high school, Taylor won tickets to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and sat in the front row with her sisters