May 4, 2018

Pages of Schaefer – Morgan

Holy Bible

My first book is the Bible. I chose to bring it because it means a lot to me and I do my best to live by it. I went to church a lot when I was younger, but at that point it was more for social reasons than devotional. However, when I went to college, specifically my first semester, I experienced a lot of significant life changes. Those changes marked the turning point in my faith where I really relied on it for peace and guidance. When I experienced that shift in mindset, I decided to get a new bible because it was a new chapter, and this bible consistently reminds me of that turning point in my faith.

History of TCU

Colby D. Hall

This is my TCU book. And no, I haven’t actually ever read it cover-to-cover. At my parents’ house, we have books everywhere. While they are mostly antique books, when I moved out I began my own collection to make my dorm rooms/apartments/etc. feel homey. TCU was also a huge part of my upbringing; I remember going to games and other events growing up. My sister also attended college there, so this book was an obvious choice since it’s been prevalent in so many stages of my life. As always – go frogs. 🙂

My Photobook

I’ve always had a strong connection (and obsession) with animals. This book contains pictures of my first horse, Fortune. I got him when I was in second grade. As he was getting older, we took these pictures so we would always have a piece of him. He ended up passing away not long after these photos were taken, so this book has become more special to me. Eloise (my dog) is in it too, because they were my first “babies.” Still looking at this book from time to time brings up so many great memories with Fortune. I’m so grateful I was able to capture all these photos and cherish those memories.

All the Buildings in Sydney

James Gulliver Hancock

I bought this when I was studying abroad in college in Sydney, Australia. It has illustrations of various buildings throughout the city. I loved my time studying abroad and actually went to most of the buildings, so I think it’s a fun and unique way to remember my time there. This is actually only one of the collection I made of books from my time in Sydney. I have about seven that I gathered during my trip. I love Australia and hope to get the opportunity to go back one day to explore even more!


Kay Thompson

If you know me then you probably also know my dog, Eloise. She is a Dalmatian and attached to my hip most of the time. This was a gift from my mom, because ironically I loved these books growing up.

The Magnolia Journal

While I own quite a few books and have them all over my apartment, I actually don’t read them cover-to-cover very often. I spend a lot of time reading magazines. I am a busy-body, so I don’t usually sit down long enough to read a book, and even when I do, I usually fall asleep shortly after!

Things We Love

Kate Spade New York

This is my last one and it’s one of my favorites. The inside is beautiful. I have quite a few high-end fashion coffee table books, because they are so fun to look at (now that you know that –  you can tell I have a passion for reading – hah!). I once had a similar book, but it was Tory Burch. It was my favorite, but when Eloise was a puppy, she used the side of it as her chew-toy. I have been asking for one every Christmas since my freshman year of college, so now I have a pretty good collection full of many love bites from my pup.