Near Southside

Sowing the seeds of wild ideas

Electricity, airplanes, space travel, cellphones; throughout history, some of the greatest ideas have appeared crazy before they really had a chance to flourish. But, these successful, seemingly outlandish ideas each succeeded because of one thing: people. 

The Near Southside Shindig brings Fort Worth community members together to discuss the next wave of ideas that will shape and inform the future. The Shindig raises awareness of the Near Southside’s initiatives and members and generates funds for the community. 

We created the “You Must Be Crazy” invitations to communicate the dynamism of the Near Southside and attract people with similar ideas and energy to the neighborhood so that they can grow together. The invitation included a pack of wildflower seeds—a literal representation of the growth and ideas this community is cultivating—and asked people to plant the seeds in a community garden right in the heart of the Near Southside. The invite brought a bit of beauty that everyone could enjoy, and generated buzz around the event to help drive ticket sales. It was the perfect precursor to the Shindig, a night celebrating the bright ideas being cultivated right here in Fort Worth.

Ideas are like seeds: they must be spread, tended and cultivated to flourish, which is exactly what the people behind Near Southside Inc. do every day. Their professional titles may say otherwise, but these fine folks are impeccable gardeners of “crazy” ideas.

If your vision is for a year, plant wheat. If your vision is for ten years, plant trees. If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.

  Chinese Proverb