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Much as we might wish they did, no one has ever confused us with rocket scientists. But that hasn’t stopped us from working with a few. Schaefer has a long history of working with technology companies – everyone from forward-thinking startups to Berkshire-Hathaway-owned corporations.

One of the reasons for our success in the technology field is our ability to quickly get up to speed on an industry, find out what’s important and learn to speak the language. Marketing technology, especially on a B-to-B level, is a strange bird. Even when your audience is a bunch of brainy engineers, they’re still human beings who like to be entertained.

We’ve launched brand spokesmen and created everything from web videos to comic books. Once (back when it was still relevant), we even got a warehouse full of tech employees to do the Harlem Shake.

Technology rarely exists for itself; it’s there to enable something else. Understanding that something else has helped Schaefer create success campaigns for many long-tenured technology clients. Check out some examples of that below.

March 9, 2016

Empowering Innovation

What happens when a billion dollar, Berkshire Hathaway company, a global market leader in the distribution of innovative, technologically advanced semiconductors and electronic component parts, approaches you to create a brand persona? At Schaefer we think big. In 2015 we introduced Grant Imahara, celebrity engineer, robotics expert and Mouser customer for 20 years as the Read More

November 23, 2015

Lights. Camera. Action

There’s so much more than hiring a good actor and flipping on a camera to producing top quality video content. We’ve recently teamed up with the folks at 1820 Productions to bring TTI’s Ask The Specialist (ATS) series to life. Take a peak behind the curtain with Korey Miller, one of the directors of the Read More

June 9, 2015

The Specialist is in

Four years ago, Schaefer was asked to create a spokesman character for TTI, Inc., a $2B electronic components distributer that had just been acquired by Berkshire Hathaway. Thus the Specialist was born, and since then he’s been fighting bad guys and saving production lines both in videos and a comic book series. Both have been Read More

When Mouser, one of the leading providers of electronic components, wanted to refresh their company icon, we started the way we normally do – by taking a step back. What they were looking for was a fresh, attention grabbing way to reflect their brand. With this goal in mind, we got to thinkin’. While we had a Read More

November 19, 2014

A two-dimensional character.

The Story TTI, Inc. is a $2B Berkshire-Hathaway company that supplies electronic components to practically every major electronics company in the world. A few years ago, Schaefer created TTI’s spokesman, the Specialist, whose ongoing adventures have been a successful video series for the company. Three seasons in, they asked us if there was a way Read More

November 8, 2014

Malware Apocalypse!

At this year’s Spice World expo in Austin, Texas, Schaefer client McAfee Security was there in force to help all those IT professionals keep both their I and their T safe. The concept, Malware Apocalypse, likened all the computer-eating monsters roaming the internet to our favorite brain-eating monsters roaming various movies and TV shows. We helped deck out the booth Read More

If you think a corporate planning session sounds kind of boring, you clearly haven’t been to one that was hosted by Schaefer and TTI. This long-standing client tasked us with inviting their company brain trust together to discuss the coming year’s business and marketing strategies over fine wines and delicious food at Del Frisco’s Grille Read More

The Scan—a web video series on technology security—came about just like any other project. A former Schaefer employee who now works for McAfee Security saw some silly videos we made and posted on our Facebook page. She thought, “Hey, that might work for us, too!” Happens all the time, right? She called, we said sure, then Read More

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