Galderma CareConnect


Most prescription savings cards cover a narrow scope of treatments, which overcomplicates the savings process. As a result, patients are often left confused about how to redeem savings and may end up actually paying more for their prescriptions. Discounts change frequently and branded products are not always covered, leading to patients and providers losing confidence in the cards and programs themselves.

Galderma CareConnect is a patient savings program that consolidates Galderma’s prescriptions into one savings portal that’s accessible for patients and “Remarkably Simple” to use.


  • Build awareness of the savings program among qualified patients.
  • Make the program easier to access for patients.
  • Inform more potential patients about their eligibility for the program.

Strategy & Execution

Schaefer led the Galderma CareConnect launch with a few key strategic imperatives: communicate the scope of Galderma prescriptions covered under the program and quickly build awareness of the program among patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacists. We developed a comprehensive, multi-channel campaign around the tagline “Remarkably Simple.” This included traditional advertising, digital ads, video, paid digital media, display targeting, customized email marketing as well as personal and non-personal sales support.

Connecting Patients with Care

At the core of this comprehensive campaign was, a centralized location for information about the savings program. The site was strategically developed to communicate key information to each of our core audiences:

  • Patients – Information about savings, ease of use and a great opportunity to quickly download a GCC card.
  • Healthcare Professionals – Key points to share with their patients when prescribing Galderma products, information about pharmacy access and a portfolio of products on the card.
  • Pharmacists – Information about patient eligibility.

The website follows a clean design and user-friendly navigation to make the user experience just as “Remarkably Simple” as the Galderma CareConnect program itself. In addition, the website utilizes a seamless API to connect directly with the card provider, so that a unique card can be generated in just seconds when the user chooses to download.

By making this direct connection, we are able to utilize technology and data to measure card redemption rates at pharmacies across the country and measure the success of marketing campaigns in market.


  • In less than two years, Galderma Care Connect site metrics have steadily climbed month after month.
  • To date, Galderma Care Connect has reached more than one million unique patients.
  • As of June 2019, more than 3 million prescriptions have been processed through the Galderma Care Connect portal, saving patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacists valuable time and money.
  • MM&M Gold Award for Best Payer Marketing.

Make Life Better

Navigating healthcare can be a confusing process for patients and even some healthcare providers. By creating the Galderma CareConnect website, we were able to help more people download a patients’ savings card and connect them with more affordable care.

As one of the nation’s largest independent real estate development firms, Hillwood Communities has spent 30 years creating community through master-planned developments. Hillwood Communities continues to raise the bar in terms of quality, innovation, and the unmistakable sense of community that sets each property apart.

So, when Hillwood tasked Schaefer with creating a new website for their Union Park community, we needed to build a website that communicated the excitement and energy of the community in order to convert visitors into Union Park homeowners.


  • Educate prospective homeowners about Union Park
  • Improve website functionality to encourage more user interaction
  • Increase qualified lead collection through the website to grow the Union Park marketing database
  • Encourage foot traffic to model homes at Union Park

Strategy & Execution

Our strategic imperative was to evaluate Union Park’s existing website and streamline the information to more accurately represent the community under the tagline “Live a Vibrant Life.”

Our team utilized existing user data from two of Hillwood’s other community websites to craft high-level strategic conclusions that informed how we built the Union Park website. We used sophisticated web tools to identify user engagement patterns through on-site heat mapping, screen recordings, and behavioral pattern flow.

The Union Park website was integrated with home inventory feed to give site visitors real-time information about available homes. We added a testimonial portal that gave prospective homebuyers insight into the active lifestyle and community that powers Union Park. We incorporated a live social feed that gives visitors up-to-date information about what’s happening around Union Park, and we added a Google Maps integration that empowers people to easily find Union Park on desktop or mobile.

Furthermore, we continued to optimize and improve the website based on reporting and detailed analysis. One core improvement that we made was building a chatbot to automate conversations with prospective home buyers, deliver relevant content, and collect qualified leads to pass along to the builders. The chatbot also helps direct users to specific pages of interest to help create a frictionless consumer journey.


We designed the website to have user-friendly functionality that encourages engagement but also helps the consumer effortlessly move through the home-buying journey.

Since the new website launched:

  • Average website session duration has increased by 30%
  • Union Park website form fills have increased by almost 4X
  • PDF downloads have increased by more than 20X
  • Pageviews have increased by 15%
  • High-quality foot traffic has increased to the community.

Make Life Better

Creating communities doesn’t happen overnight – it can take years of strategy and ongoing marketing efforts to cultivate the right audience to buy into a new development and call that space “home.” As a result of creating Union Park’s new website with improved functionality, we were able to connect the community with more qualified leads in a much shorter period of time.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a native Texan, and I’m full of Lonestar pride. I’m the oldest of three children, and my younger brother was my “archrival,” in school at Baylor. I met my boyfriend in high school and we have been dating for seven years. I was always a TCU fan growing up, but never thought I’d end up attending. But, long story short, I wound up loving the school of communications and became a Horned Frog shortly thereafter! I’ve also danced all of my life, but I stopped in college because I thought I was done with it – I was just tired. However, I missed dancing so much that I began teaching dance at the studio MoveMINT in Fort Worth.

What’s something you love to do?

I love listening to country music because it brings up a nostalgic, summer feeling– it just sounds warm for some reason. I really gravitate toward Texas country music because of the grittier sound that doesn’t sound too “pop-y”. My boyfriend and I are constantly going to country concerts around town, and it always reminds me of being at the lake or driving in a Jeep with the top down. My musical taste is pretty wide because of my history with dance, but a country song is always mixed into my playlist somewhere.

What’s your favorite place?

My favorite place is my grandparent’s lake house in Granbury. It’s close to the metroplex, and it’s the perfect mix of being at the beach, and in the country – it’s such a weird, great little sweet spot. My grandmother calls it her “little cottage.” It’s great having coffee on the boat or the dock. It’s also super fun to go out there with my siblings to just have fun and spend time together. As I’ve gotten older, I really appreciate how slow the pace is at the lake house, it’s incredibly relaxing.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?

Jack Ryan, but I mostly binged it because I wanted to find out how it ended. However, my favorite show that I’ve binge-watched recently is The Marvelous Miss Maisel.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Friends, because I have this side of me that wants to pick up and move to New York, which is largely due to Friends and Frank Sinatra. There’s a charming, elegant side to the city. Plus, I grew up watching – it brings a sense of comfort. People would call me a Monica, but I really try to be more like Rachel.

Are you a listener or a talker?

A talker. But I am so aware of it that I am CONSTANTLY challenging myself to talk less in conversations. From what I’ve gathered, I am an enneagram 3 wing 2, so that is very on-brand.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Italian food. My dad’s family is Italian, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. After traveling to Italy, I acquired more of an appreciation for the culture around the food rather than just the taste. Plus, learning about the culture has made cooking Italian food with my grandmother even more special, as she did the same with her mom.

What’s your favorite children’s story?

You are Special, by Max Lucado. I used to go to this Fine Arts camp at our church every summer and the woman that ran it would read this book to us every year. Reading it now, even the summary, makes my heart swell and my eyes well.
In a village, there live many different Wemmicks. The Wemmicks walk around all day and give each other either a gold star or a gray dot sticker. A Wemmick named Punchinello always tries his best to receive gold stars from the other Wemmicks but only receives gray dots for not doing well enough. One day, he meets a Wemmick named Lucia who doesn’t have any gold stars or gray dots because they don’t stick to her. Punchinello doesn’t want any stickers on him either so Lucia tells him to visit their maker, Eli. Eli explains to Punchinello that if he is not bothered by what the other Wemmicks think then the star and dots will not stick to him either.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?

Something culinary. If I have a midlife crisis, I imagine I’d go to culinary school. I’m not the type to do anything crazy like that, but if I did, I’d love to pursue a culinary profession.

What do you love about the job?

I love the people – everybody has been super nice, especially my direct teammates Krista, and Ali. They’re very considerate and understanding that this is my first real work experience, but also guiding me along the way. It’s great because I’ve always wanted older sisters, and they really feel like that to me. I love the culture here at Schaefer, it feels like a family.

Why Schaefer?

Right off the bat, I loved the building. I interviewed during Christmas time, so I was able to see it in all its’ decorated glory and that hooked me from the beginning. The intentionality behind each process and person really sealed the deal. This opportunity was dropped in my lap when I wasn’t expecting it and things like that are usually the best blessings.


When the Texas Ballet Theater needed a way to reinvigorate their marketing, we created a comprehensive marketing campaign that expanded their ticket sales from a steady group of subscribers into a larger group of new season ticket holders.

The Problem

Season subscriptions to Texas Ballet Theater, while strong, had stagnated. Subscribers were offered the same options year after year, purchase the entire season or purchase single tickets at a later date. Within performing arts, the prospective ticket buyer ranges from the devoted fan to the person that wouldn’t even consider attending. Marketing resources are precious, and we have to ensure they are being invested where they will yield the highest ROI.

The Solution

Using data to drive decisions, Schaefer proposed restructuring subscriber packages to give existing patrons more choice and convince new people to become subscribers and single ticket purchasers. Beyond subscriptions, the campaign was designed to have a positive impact on single ticket purchases. Single ticket sales launched in the middle of the campaign on July 1st, and within the first day, more than 3,500 individual tickets were sold.

The Approach

One of the largest components of our overall campaign was audience segmentation. To accomplish this, we appended audience data from TRG Arts – the Ballet’s consultant.

We divided the Ballet’s existing consumers into four distinct groups of:

1 – previous year subscribers
2 – lapsed subscribers
3 – multi-performance buyers
4 – single ticket buyers

By building package options, we were able to convince larger subsets of people to subscribe to Texas Ballet Theater.

We added historic subscribers and single ticket purchaser data to create persona profiles based on audience demographics and psychographics. We then built lookalike audiences based on the four groups and mapped each of the groups’ behaviors to identify purchasing trends across multiple digital channels. This gave us the insight needed to better understand their consumption habits and likelihood to purchase either a full or partial season or if they were likely to be a single-ticket purchaser.

Once we isolated recurring trends in the audience segments, we hyper-targeted the right ticket package to each group through paid digital media. Further, website retargeting enabled us to identify those that had expressed interest but not yet purchased and then retarget them with the TBT message most likely to yield a purchase.


  • Clearly brand the full 2019-2020 ballet season, while also promoting individual performances on their own merits.
  • Earn more new, full-season subscribers.
  • Define the main buyer personas and outline their purchase-decision journeys to understand their motivations for purchasing a full-season subscription and a single-performance ticket.
  • Outline a way to recapture people that did not renew their full-season subscriptions from the previous year.


  • Paid media campaign delivered 1.8 million targeted impressions, and generated more than $40,000 in ticketed revenue in just a few weeks.
  • After only 2 weeks of a dedicated full-season campaign, subscription sales up by nearly 3% YOY.
  • New subscribers up by 45% YOY.
  • Exceeded last year’s launch-day single ticket sales by more than 10%.
  • Total ticket sales up 18.43% YOY, despite a later season launch than 2018.
  • During the campaign, overall website sales totaled $199,000.

Recently, the Schaefer team attended Fort Worth’s 2020 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), which celebrates excellence in advertising. This year, Schaefer received 20 total awards – ten of which were gold awards, including Best of Show – Print for the Texas Ballet Theater’s 2019/20 Season Posters. We are truly humbled by the recognition and reminded of how fortunate we are to work for incredible clients that collaborate with us to create impactful campaigns.
Receiving recognition for our work is a celebration of our team and our clients, who diligently work together to produce campaigns that rise to the top of a crowded, competitive market. We’re grateful to work in an industry that encourages innovative ideas and incredibly proud of the entire Schaefer team, who come to work every single day committed to our mission to Make Life Better.

Best of Print:

  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign
    Judge’s Award – Best of Print

Gold Awards:

  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Brochure
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Brochure – Single Unit:
  • Fort Worth Zoo Ball Untamed Invitation
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Special Event Marketing – Card, Invitation, Announcement – Single Unit
  • Texas Park & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Invitation
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Special Event Marketing – Card, Invitation, Announcement – Single Unit
  • Schaefer Christmas Cards
    Direct Marketing – Advertising Self Promotion – Collateral – Branded Elements
  • Texas Ballet Theater Sleeping Beauty Poster
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Single Unit
  • Texas Park’s & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Poster Series
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign A
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign A
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Park’s & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Illustrations
    Elements of Advertising – Visual – Illustration Series
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Illustrations
    Elements of Advertising – Visual – Illustration Series

Additionally, the Schaefer team was humbled to win 11 silver and bronze awards for clients across several industry verticals, including Hillwood Communities, Kimbell Art Museum, River and Blues Festival and TTI.

Special Shout Out

One of our team members, Julia Cooper, won a gold ADDY for her independent work with the Japanese Akita Club of America. She won a Direct Marketing Award – Specialty Advertising – Apparel for creating a Komainu Bomber Jacket for J.A.C.A. We couldn’t be happier for Julia, and we are incredibly proud of her initiative and excellent work.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Matt, I’m a rock climber, writer, and unprofessional cook. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but I officially began publishing at 19 in the Dallas Observer, doing editorial pieces about art installations, concerts, and a little bit of everything else, too. The Observer was a lot of fun for a college kid, but ultimately, journalism just wasn’t worth the byline for me. There were a lot of late nights, all of the deadlines were hot, and the pay just wasn’t worth it.

What’s something you love to do?

I love learning, anything that stimulates the left side of my brain, really. I learn something every time I cook, climb and read or write. Learning plays a huge role in cooking, and every time I try a new recipe, I’m learning about the smells, geography, and people of a place. It tells me about what ingredients surround some far-off location, informs me about the tradition and values of an area. Cooking really is an amazing tool for exploration.

What’s your favorite place?

Nocelle, Italy, which is up the mountain from Positano on the Amalfi coast. The natural beauty combined with the hospitality of the people, the food, and the laid-back attitude is everything to me – everything I want from life can be found there. It’s an other-worldly, ethereal escape. Plus, they have incredible coastal climbing there.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?

Probably cook, but I would try to do it in a place where local ingredients and techniques mean something more than profits. This is definitely a “pie-in-the-sky” sort of dream because commercial restaurants are all about the bottom-line. I’d be completely happy with a shack by the coast that cranks out good, local, authentic cuisine where people can relax and share a quiet meal and some killer wine.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?

The Boys, on Amazon. It’s a show that asks the question “what if superheroes lived among us, and had real human motivations?” It’s great – it’s cool to see what would happen if someone with superhuman powers was tempted by social power, money, lust, etc. I strongly recommend it. Plus, it has an amazing, dry sense of humor and fantastic cast.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Community. The humor is off the wall and there’s an irreverence that exists in community college that they really lean into. The world they’ve created is lighthearted, good-natured and idyllic, so it just speaks to me. In spite of all of the weirdness and wild plot-points and disfunction, the show is character-driven by a small group of students that care about each other and their school. 

Are you a listener or a talker?

Listener, full stop.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is really hard. My dad is my primary culinary influence, and we’ve always played this game where you have to describe everything on your plate that you’d eat for your final meal. Over the years, that food has changed.
My dad’s cooking is southwestern, focused on green chile and traditional New Mexican food. It’s a family staple, and I can’t recall a time when he didn’t roast and press his own red chile. So, it would be red chile enchiladas from Big John’s Chile Farm in Las Cruces, with a fried egg on top and a glass of milk for the heat. If it were something that I was cooking, it’d be homemade pasta and pesto. But, I gotta give this one to my dad.

What’s your favorite children’s story?

Jack Tales, from my Grandpa T, which is a book of folk tales he used to tell us as children. They’re Appalachian folktales from the Blue Hills region – Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, all those Smoky Mountain states. They’re the earliest stories I can recall, and my grandfather is an amazing orator – he was a physics professor for years and has a rich voice and enjoys telling stories. It’s just a magical book, and I don’t think I will ever be able to locate a copy. 

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing?

Definitely spend quality time with my wife, Blair; probably cooking, hiking, or gardening.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?

I’d probably still be a writer in some capacity, I would just use a pen and paper instead of a computer and accept the carpal tunnel consequences.

What do you love about the job?

I love using both sides of my brain to tell stories and earn results. My role is a blend of analytical crowd trend analysis and branded storytelling, so it’s fun to research and learn about the market, and then create strategies and content that performs within the vertical. Both sides of the job present different challenges, and I love that – it’s never boring.

Why Schaefer?

Good people and good challenges.

Earning highly qualified leads is critical to the success of a conversion-based digital campaign, and Schaefer Advertising employs a blend of intelligent thinking and data tools to develop strategic campaigns that yield highly qualified leads that meet our client’s business objectives.

The Approach

Pomona – by Hillwood Communities – is a master-planned community in Manvel, TX, located just south of Houston. To meet their sales goals, Pomona depends on driving awareness and conversion in order to build foot traffic to their community, and ultimately close home sales. In 2019, Schaefer Advertising leveraged very specific and unique tactics to create a full-funnel digital marketing strategy for the community.

To begin the marketing planning process, the Schaefer team carefully scrutinized data related to Pomona’s key target audiences by evaluating the current homebuyer segment against prospective homebuyers. This information provided us “look-a-like” profiles that we applied to our targeting criteria, enabling us to get very specific demographics, psychographics and geographical insights. As a result of this granular audience definition, we were able to identify that many of Pomona’s homebuyers were employed at the Texas Medical Center, located just 15 miles from the community.

With this knowledge, the Schaefer team developed a very targeted GeoFencing campaign as a tactic within the integrated digital strategy.

The Goals

  • Move high-value prospects through the lead funnel by:
    • Building brand awareness for Pomona among a very specific subset of the medical community within the Texas Medical Center
    • Capturing a strategic audience group to retarget with outbound marketing efforts
    • Driving qualified leads from the medical community to model homes within Pomona
    • Closing home sales in Pomona

The Strategy – Hyper-Targeted Geofencing

GeoFencing is a targeted digital strategy that specifically serves display ad units to users who have entered a digitally fenced area. In order to structure a GeoFencing campaign, a virtual fence is mobilized around the targeted area to capture prospects and then deploy ads. A corresponding conversion zone is also established, allowing advertisers to track prospects from the GeoFence to the conversion zone. At Schaefer, we utilize variations of GeoFencing strategies across verticals to satisfy numerous goals such as driving event ticket sales or, in this case, selling homes.

Pomona Map

For Pomona, our team devised a GeoFencing strategy focused on capturing highly qualified prospects at the Texas Medical Center. We identified five key parking garages used by medical professionals that mirrored a large portion of the current residents of Pomona. Additionally, we eliminated patient traffic in order to maximize the media spend on the most qualified prospects. After outlining our geographic target area, we developed specific ad creative to target those audiences, with messaging focused on proximity between home and work – “Pomona, just minutes from the Texas Medical Center.”

The Ads

Pomona GeoFencing Ads

The Results

  • First GeoFencing campaign delivered 245,000 impressions and 18 conversions of highly qualified leads.
  • Second GeoFencing campaign delivered 335,000 impressions and 40 conversions of highly qualified leads.
  • The entire campaign delivered 580,000 impressions and a total of 58 conversions.

Making Life Better

A community is made up of far more than just buildings and geography. It’s about the people that say hello to each other every day, the experiences they share and the memories they make as neighbors. All of this turns a collection of buildings into a living, breathing community. We are proud to partner with Hillwood Communities, and help shape the fabric of their neighborhoods by delivering their message to the right audiences, and filling their communities with vibrant people.

February 14, 2020

Day in. Day out.

Telling the story of an elite collegiate baseball program is a large task – and it’s one that we help TCU Baseball accomplish every year. But, like every task that our team tackles, it’s best to take it one small step at a time, day in, and day out.

Since 2014, we’ve worked with the TCU baseball team and Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle to create a video that helps attract the best baseball players from across the nation and shares the team values. We work closely with Coach Schlossnagle to talk about team dynamics and the themes that the team will source for inspiration that year.

This year’s theme was “consistency of purpose” applied throughout all walks of life. Beyond being baseball players, each athlete is also a student, a child, a friend, an ambassador, a budding young professional – the list goes on. For Coach Schlossnagle, if all that the TCU baseball program focuses on is getting better on the field, then they’ve failed these young players as mentors. The video serves as a reminder that the team believes in producing well-rounded young men that are capable of accomplishing goals on the field, in the classroom, and in their personal and professional lives.

The video starts small, focused on feet on the floor – the first step anyone needs to take to accomplish their goals is getting out of bed and setting upon their course. The video gets wider and walks the central characters through multiple scenes of their everyday life – from bedroom, to the gym, walking around campus, getting food at the cafeteria, through practice on the field, and back into bed – a day in the life. The process repeats as the camera expands its view of the subjects, and then focuses on all of the little aspects the characters practice on the field as they build toward the big game, while intercutting more of their personal lives as students and young men.
The narrator speaks to the value of consistency, and honestly depicts that it’s an inglorious, repetitive process that gradually builds a person up to be better than they were yesterday, brick-by-brick.

“The goal isn’t to better than the other guy. The goal is to be better than myself. At least 1% better than I was yesterday. Day, after day, after day. Consistency isn’t exciting – it’s necessary.”

The entire video communicates the small steps that we each take toward bettering ourselves. The editing and musical elements speak to that consistent repetition as the scenes cut in and out and the beat builds – small, consistent stylistic elements that communicate the overall message of the video.

Making Life Better

Motivation isn’t a concept specifically reserved for baseball players and athletes – it’s a fleeting feeling that every single one of us has to find, harness and control to meet our own goals. With this video, we hoped to create a message that extends beyond baseball and motivates each of us to use consistency to accomplish their goals every single day – day in, and day out. 

Concept by: Schaefer Advertising Co. and Scott Porter
Produced by: Schaefer Advertising Co. and N8 Visuals Inc.
Music: The Seige by Run For Your Life –  Licensed through Musicbed
Voice Talent: Zach Mayo

February 4, 2020

The commercial kid

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I’m a writer, and from San Antonio originally. I love dogs, and I have two of them. Every dog I’ve ever owned has actually found me. I’m married to Matt Arnold, and we’ve known each other since we were in seventh grade, but didn’t get together until we were in college at UTSA. I got my start in PR, but transitioned into advertising because I was more curious about it, and I’ve always had a pension for ads. When I was little (like watching Nickelodeon little) I would get excited about the commercials, and when we eventually got a TiVo, I would fast-forward through the boring parts of the shows to get to the commercials.

What’s something you love to do?
I love vacuuming, because there’s something so cathartic and therapeutic about seeing a floor before and after it’s been cleaned. But not just floors, I would vacuum any surface. I love finding new music and sharing it with someone I know will enjoy it. I love listening. When you truly listen, people tell you their story—how they got here, what their opinions are, their world view. But my favorite stories always involve what someone learned from an experience. I love asking questions—the “why” behind something is a huge driver for me. My mom definitely got annoyed with that one.

What’s your favorite place?
This is a funny one, and so generic but, home. Home is San Antonio. When I think about it, it warms me up. My family and friends, the scenery, the familiarity of the routes you drive, all of it makes me warm and fuzzy.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
I don’t know what it’s called, but the people who create soundtracks for movies. Not a composer. But the people that select the music from an existing library to set a tone in a moment or even the entire movie. The people that see a script and decide what musical emotion needs to hit the hardest to make this movie/scene/feeling ‘pop’ or resonate. I don’t know what they’re called, but I would love that job.
(After post-interview research, we found that the title is ‘Music Director’ or Music Supervisor)

What is the last thing you binge watched?
Cheer, don’t judge.

What’s your favorite book?
My favorite book is actually a children’s book called Where the Sidewalk Ends. It has a lot of poems and life lessons and it still holds up well in adulthood. I think there’s something lovely about finding something really enlightening in something so simple.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?
I honestly would say Boy Meets World. It’s kind of like a throwback to growing up: your problems are simple, life is light and every day is a new adventure with your best friends so definitely Boy Meets World.

Why Schaefer?
The camaraderie, and that it feels like a home. Culture is something every agency talks about, but at Schaefer you can feel it. And right away. I love that we do projects that extend into the community, and at a higher-level, I really think that we live our motto and make life better for people all over the world.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?
Couldn’t I still do the same thing? Put pencil to paper, you know what I mean?
(She’s right, she could still be a copywriter.)

What’s your favorite children’s story?
Clown Arounds Go on Vacation, it’s a riot. And the first book I ever read. The whole thing is told through a series of jokes. It used to make me laugh out loud as a child. It’s kind of a family heirloom. Complete with family drama and everything! When my cousin found out my aunt had given me the original from our childhood, dinner got uncomfortably tense… we still don’t talk about it. You can get a copy on Amazon, but it’s not the same.

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing?
I would spend it talking to my granny, my mom’s mom. She lives in San Antonio, and my favorite memory of her is getting in the car with and belting the entire soundtrack of the “Sister Act,” which by the way is a great album. It has a lot of pop-y renditions of church hymnals that you can’t get out of your head.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I am the youngest of three siblings and grew up among cowboys and musicians, living a dreamy Texas lifestyle. It was a never-ending stream of country music events and lots of rodeos growing up. For as long as I can remember I loved art but also had a bend towards business – when I was looking for a profession advertising seemed to be the perfect fit!

What’s something you love to do?
I get a lot of fulfillment out of encouraging people and championing others. I also really enjoy trying new recipes and cooking with friends. I just recently made a healthy twist on butternut squash stuffed pasta! I am constantly experimenting to transform complex, delicious recipes to be healthier and easier to make. I also really enjoy gardening – the whole process is important and in order to get what you really want you can’t skip or rush things. It’s simple yet profound.

What’s your favorite place?
When I was 20 I visited Cinque Terre in Italy. I have never been the same. It’s the best, there is truly no comparison.

What do you love about the job?
I love how many people I get to interact with every day. I rub shoulders with brilliant and skilled individuals. Everyone at Schaefer is really talented and they’re exceptional at their specific disciplines. I get to learn a lot from them!

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
Mostly likely I would want to do some sort of management consulting. Working with business to develop their people and processes would be a lot of fun.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?
Hallmark Christmas movies. The horrible thing is that I don’t know the names of these movies. They’re just movies that you put on – some are cheesy, some are romantic, some are funny – and you just have them on. Without fail they all fall in love in the end, they all have insane Christmas decorations that no realistic home has, but they are just feel good kind of movies.

What’s your favorite book?
The Return of the Prodigal Son, by Henri Houwen. This book is based on the famous painting by Rembrandt that is in St Petersburg. It tells the story from each character’s perspective and is truly fascinating. I am a real nerd!

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?
I feel like my high school was Friday Night Lights, so I kind of already have lived in that!

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?
I think it would be really fun to be a tour guide. I would get to explore each place by myself, come up with the perfect itinerary, then share it with people. That would be the perfect computer-less job.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve done for fun?
Paragliding – it wasn’t super scary, but it’s definitely the scariest thing I’ve done for fun.

What’s your favorite children’s story?
Nancy Drew, all of the Nancy Drew series is so good. She is the original girl boss that always solved the mysteries. It seemed like she somehow stumbled into all of these mysteries and was always fearless in the face of fear!

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing? 
If I had an extra hour of free time every day, I would probably go to different museums to find all of my favorite pieces of art. Right now, my favorite local museum is the Modern Art Museum because it often has unique exhibits. My favorite non-local museum is the Louvre in Paris – it’s so fantastic. It’s the most “in-awe” I’ve ever been at a museum. I feel like no amount of time there is enough!

Why Schaefer?
Ken made a really strong first impression on me as a businessperson and a man involved in the community. I saw an opportunity that fit my strengths, but would also grow me in a lot of ways that would prepare me for anything in the future. Also, I really liked the distinct company culture that I saw interviewing and knew I wanted to be on the team.

Any words of advice?
Fear of failing will keep you from trying. Don’t be afraid to fail.