March 12, 2020


Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.

I’m a native Texan, and I’m full of Lonestar pride. I’m the oldest of three children, and my younger brother was my “archrival,” in school at Baylor. I met my boyfriend in high school and we have been dating for seven years. I was always a TCU fan growing up, but never thought I’d end up attending. But, long story short, I wound up loving the school of communications and became a Horned Frog shortly thereafter! I’ve also danced all of my life, but I stopped in college because I thought I was done with it – I was just tired. However, I missed dancing so much that I began teaching dance at the studio MoveMINT in Fort Worth.

What’s something you love to do?

I love listening to country music because it brings up a nostalgic, summer feeling– it just sounds warm for some reason. I really gravitate toward Texas country music because of the grittier sound that doesn’t sound too “pop-y”. My boyfriend and I are constantly going to country concerts around town, and it always reminds me of being at the lake or driving in a Jeep with the top down. My musical taste is pretty wide because of my history with dance, but a country song is always mixed into my playlist somewhere.

What’s your favorite place?

My favorite place is my grandparent’s lake house in Granbury. It’s close to the metroplex, and it’s the perfect mix of being at the beach, and in the country – it’s such a weird, great little sweet spot. My grandmother calls it her “little cottage.” It’s great having coffee on the boat or the dock. It’s also super fun to go out there with my siblings to just have fun and spend time together. As I’ve gotten older, I really appreciate how slow the pace is at the lake house, it’s incredibly relaxing.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?

Jack Ryan, but I mostly binged it because I wanted to find out how it ended. However, my favorite show that I’ve binge-watched recently is The Marvelous Miss Maisel.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Friends, because I have this side of me that wants to pick up and move to New York, which is largely due to Friends and Frank Sinatra. There’s a charming, elegant side to the city. Plus, I grew up watching – it brings a sense of comfort. People would call me a Monica, but I really try to be more like Rachel.

Are you a listener or a talker?

A talker. But I am so aware of it that I am CONSTANTLY challenging myself to talk less in conversations. From what I’ve gathered, I am an enneagram 3 wing 2, so that is very on-brand.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Italian food. My dad’s family is Italian, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. After traveling to Italy, I acquired more of an appreciation for the culture around the food rather than just the taste. Plus, learning about the culture has made cooking Italian food with my grandmother even more special, as she did the same with her mom.

What’s your favorite children’s story?

You are Special, by Max Lucado. I used to go to this Fine Arts camp at our church every summer and the woman that ran it would read this book to us every year. Reading it now, even the summary, makes my heart swell and my eyes well.
In a village, there live many different Wemmicks. The Wemmicks walk around all day and give each other either a gold star or a gray dot sticker. A Wemmick named Punchinello always tries his best to receive gold stars from the other Wemmicks but only receives gray dots for not doing well enough. One day, he meets a Wemmick named Lucia who doesn’t have any gold stars or gray dots because they don’t stick to her. Punchinello doesn’t want any stickers on him either so Lucia tells him to visit their maker, Eli. Eli explains to Punchinello that if he is not bothered by what the other Wemmicks think then the star and dots will not stick to him either.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?

Something culinary. If I have a midlife crisis, I imagine I’d go to culinary school. I’m not the type to do anything crazy like that, but if I did, I’d love to pursue a culinary profession.

What do you love about the job?

I love the people – everybody has been super nice, especially my direct teammates Krista, and Ali. They’re very considerate and understanding that this is my first real work experience, but also guiding me along the way. It’s great because I’ve always wanted older sisters, and they really feel like that to me. I love the culture here at Schaefer, it feels like a family.

Why Schaefer?

Right off the bat, I loved the building. I interviewed during Christmas time, so I was able to see it in all its’ decorated glory and that hooked me from the beginning. The intentionality behind each process and person really sealed the deal. This opportunity was dropped in my lap when I wasn’t expecting it and things like that are usually the best blessings.

Recently, the Schaefer team attended Fort Worth’s 2020 American Advertising Awards (ADDYs), which celebrates excellence in advertising. This year, Schaefer received 20 total awards – ten of which were gold awards, including Best of Show – Print for the Texas Ballet Theater’s 2019/20 Season Posters. We are truly humbled by the recognition and reminded of how fortunate we are to work for incredible clients that collaborate with us to create impactful campaigns.
Receiving recognition for our work is a celebration of our team and our clients, who diligently work together to produce campaigns that rise to the top of a crowded, competitive market. We’re grateful to work in an industry that encourages innovative ideas and incredibly proud of the entire Schaefer team, who come to work every single day committed to our mission to Make Life Better.

Best of Print:

  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign
    Judge’s Award – Best of Print

Gold Awards:

  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Brochure
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Brochure – Single Unit:
  • Fort Worth Zoo Ball Untamed Invitation
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Special Event Marketing – Card, Invitation, Announcement – Single Unit
  • Texas Park & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Invitation
    Sales and Marketing – Collateral Material – Special Event Marketing – Card, Invitation, Announcement – Single Unit
  • Schaefer Christmas Cards
    Direct Marketing – Advertising Self Promotion – Collateral – Branded Elements
  • Texas Ballet Theater Sleeping Beauty Poster
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Single Unit
  • Texas Park’s & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Poster Series
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign A
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Poster Campaign A
    Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media – Poster – Campaign
  • Texas Park’s & Wildlife Foundation’s Texas Road Trip Illustrations
    Elements of Advertising – Visual – Illustration Series
  • Texas Ballet Theater 2019/20 Season Illustrations
    Elements of Advertising – Visual – Illustration Series

Additionally, the Schaefer team was humbled to win 11 silver and bronze awards for clients across several industry verticals, including Hillwood Communities, Kimbell Art Museum, River and Blues Festival and TTI.

Special Shout Out

One of our team members, Julia Cooper, won a gold ADDY for her independent work with the Japanese Akita Club of America. She won a Direct Marketing Award – Specialty Advertising – Apparel for creating a Komainu Bomber Jacket for J.A.C.A. We couldn’t be happier for Julia, and we are incredibly proud of her initiative and excellent work.

February 4, 2020

The commercial kid

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I’m a writer, and from San Antonio originally. I love dogs, and I have two of them. Every dog I’ve ever owned has actually found me. I’m married to Matt Arnold, and we’ve known each other since we were in seventh grade, but didn’t get together until we were in college at UTSA. I got my start in PR, but transitioned into advertising because I was more curious about it, and I’ve always had a pension for ads. When I was little (like watching Nickelodeon little) I would get excited about the commercials, and when we eventually got a TiVo, I would fast-forward through the boring parts of the shows to get to the commercials.

What’s something you love to do?
I love vacuuming, because there’s something so cathartic and therapeutic about seeing a floor before and after it’s been cleaned. But not just floors, I would vacuum any surface. I love finding new music and sharing it with someone I know will enjoy it. I love listening. When you truly listen, people tell you their story—how they got here, what their opinions are, their world view. But my favorite stories always involve what someone learned from an experience. I love asking questions—the “why” behind something is a huge driver for me. My mom definitely got annoyed with that one.

What’s your favorite place?
This is a funny one, and so generic but, home. Home is San Antonio. When I think about it, it warms me up. My family and friends, the scenery, the familiarity of the routes you drive, all of it makes me warm and fuzzy.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
I don’t know what it’s called, but the people who create soundtracks for movies. Not a composer. But the people that select the music from an existing library to set a tone in a moment or even the entire movie. The people that see a script and decide what musical emotion needs to hit the hardest to make this movie/scene/feeling ‘pop’ or resonate. I don’t know what they’re called, but I would love that job.
(After post-interview research, we found that the title is ‘Music Director’ or Music Supervisor)

What is the last thing you binge watched?
Cheer, don’t judge.

What’s your favorite book?
My favorite book is actually a children’s book called Where the Sidewalk Ends. It has a lot of poems and life lessons and it still holds up well in adulthood. I think there’s something lovely about finding something really enlightening in something so simple.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?
I honestly would say Boy Meets World. It’s kind of like a throwback to growing up: your problems are simple, life is light and every day is a new adventure with your best friends so definitely Boy Meets World.

Why Schaefer?
The camaraderie, and that it feels like a home. Culture is something every agency talks about, but at Schaefer you can feel it. And right away. I love that we do projects that extend into the community, and at a higher-level, I really think that we live our motto and make life better for people all over the world.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?
Couldn’t I still do the same thing? Put pencil to paper, you know what I mean?
(She’s right, she could still be a copywriter.)

What’s your favorite children’s story?
Clown Arounds Go on Vacation, it’s a riot. And the first book I ever read. The whole thing is told through a series of jokes. It used to make me laugh out loud as a child. It’s kind of a family heirloom. Complete with family drama and everything! When my cousin found out my aunt had given me the original from our childhood, dinner got uncomfortably tense… we still don’t talk about it. You can get a copy on Amazon, but it’s not the same.

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing?
I would spend it talking to my granny, my mom’s mom. She lives in San Antonio, and my favorite memory of her is getting in the car with and belting the entire soundtrack of the “Sister Act,” which by the way is a great album. It has a lot of pop-y renditions of church hymnals that you can’t get out of your head.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I’ve lived all over – from Oklahoma to Colorado, Ohio to Indiana, and finally, we settled in Texas, which is always where I wanted to be. My desire for design goes back to when I was a child. My first project was building a matchbox city with my brother, and I got to create logos and billboards for the faux businesses in the city. It was a lot of fun.

What’s something you love to do?
I enjoy photography and playing games with my family. Lately, we’re enjoying playing Ticket to Ride, which is the perfect balance of strategy and enjoying each other’s company. It’s not so demanding that you can’t visit with people at the table.

What’s your favorite place?
The Rocky Mountains. I just love the experience of the mountains. When I was growing up in Denver, we’d go into the mountains just about every weekend to camp, and fish in the streams. I spent a lot of summers near Aspen, and I just fell in love with the experience.

What do you love about the job?
I love working with the creative team to help deliver high-level solutions for our clients.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
If I weren’t in design or production, I’d like to be a writer. I have written a children’s book, and I just really love writing. I like being able to get all of the ideas out of my head. I have notes everywhere because I’m thinking all of the time.

What’s your favorite book?
Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. I really love the concept they present about viewing our work and approaching it from a healthy perspective.

What’s your favorite children’s story?
Oh, the Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss. I love all things Dr. Seuss, but that one is my favorite.

Are you a listener or a talker?
I’m a better listener than a talker. I love learning about things and people. My dad taught me that I need to approach interacting with people like a news reporter – to ask questions and seek to understand people.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pizza, because you can use it as a platform and customize with whatever toppings you like.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would you do with your time?
Either researching or writing about something having to do with social studies, history and how people interact with each other.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve done for fun?
The only thing I can think of isn’t all that scary. A friend of mine took me and some of my kids rock climbing in Oklahoma. He was really good at climbing and setting up everything and teaching us about climbing – it was just a really neat experience.

Why Schaefer?
I was introduced to Schaefer through a creative placement opportunity, where I was able to work freelance for just over a year. I was extremely impressed with the culture and the people.

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I was born and raised in North Richland Hills, but I would always come to Fort Worth whenever I got the chance. I live in Arlington Heights right now so I get to hangout in Fairmount, the Historic District and West 7th. I’m basically right in the center of everything, it’s the best. I love Fort Worth.

I’m the youngest of five children – I have one sister and three brothers. With all of their spouses and children it’s a crazy blast and I love it, I love being around a lot of crazy passionate people, so it’s good that I work at Schaefer (laughs).

I have a dachshund named Luka (after the Dallas Mavericks player). I’ve been a Mavericks fan for as long as I can remember, and had a dachshund named Dirk growing up, so his name is a nod to the next generation.

What’s something you love to do?
I love cooking, and I’ve loved moving into the city and experiencing all of the fun and weird stuff happening around Fort Worth. Going to big events like the Main Street Arts Festival, finding new restaurants and just experiencing the city is a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite place?
My family’s lake house on Lake Cypress Springs, which is about two hours east of Fort Worth. We attempt some really bad wake surfing – we call ourselves the Mickey Mouse Club of the lake. But it’s really just great everyone being together.

What do you love about the job?
I love that every day is very different. I’m in a unique position in the agency where I get to work with for several wonderful account managers, and I actually get to work with just about every person in the agency. It’s really cool to watch experts do their thing. I really enjoy the research aspect of my job.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
I’ve always thought it would be really fun to be a newscaster. Every character in pop culture named “Meredith” is either a mean girl or a newscaster, and I’d much rather be a newscaster. Look at The Parent Trap (mean blonde mom named Meredith), Meredith from The Office, or Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, who isn’t crazy, but is definitely high strung. For newscasters, you obviously have Meredith Land who I grew up with as the Dallas NBC anchor. So yeah, mean girl or newscaster.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?
Boy Meets World on Disney+. I’m basically reliving my childhood everyday after work. It’s so wholesome, and so good. I love that it’s truly a family show – great jokes for adults and kids.

What’s your favorite book?
Most recently, I read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, which I read in like 3 days. It’s so fascinating, I love cooking, so it’s fun to observe a subculture that I knew nothing about. It was awesome to read about him growing up on the line in weird restaurants, and watch restaurants work or fail, and understanding the business side of them as well.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Enchiladas, sour cream chicken enchiladas to be more specific. My trick is to go to Rosa’s and order the kid’s chicken enchilada meal and size up the drink and you save like 4 bucks – it’s amazing.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve done for fun?
I got lost in Hong Kong and was like “eh, we’re good.” I was studying abroad, and it was myself and four of my friends, and the five of us had gone off to do a beach day, and we were coming back from our beach day, but we realized that we didn’t know the number of the cab company. So, we’re on a remote beach in Hong Kong, and we eventually figured out the cab number and got back to the area where we were going. So, we wandered around for a bit in Hong Kong to find the most affordable Michelin Star restaurant on the eastern hemisphere, and we had amazing dim sum and pork sticky buns. I think we ordered like six helpings of them, every time the server came by we ordered more.

Why Schaefer?
I had a couple of friendly connections at Schaefer, but the biggest reason is that I wanted to work at a place where I was valued, and felt like I could grow. Schaefer is very different than other agencies – for a lot of reasons – from the building to the people, it’s just a different feel.

Any words of advice?
Something we always say in account service is “if you get through your entire day and don’t scratch anything off of your to-do list, you still had a productive day.” You can start the day with expectations and a list of things to do, but it’s impossible to predict what the day will throw at you. It’s always about managing the project that’s currently in front of you.


When the Fort Worth Zoo enlisted Schaefer Advertising to help drive people to their new African Savanna exhibit, we couldn’t wait to take the bull by the horns and get to work. Our team was able to come up with a rich campaign that encapsulated the spirit of the exciting new exhibit.

The new African Savanna exhibit was built around a central prairie that houses giraffes, springbok, ostriches and many more species all in one exhibit. A winding path gives visitors a 360-degree view of the animals in the prairie and allows people to get closer to the animals than ever before. This creates a truly unique experience for each visitor and ensures that no two visits are alike. The main attractions are the hippo exhibit that includes above-water and underwater viewing, and the giraffe feeding deck. The new Savanna exhibit features shaded viewing spaces and is surrounded by an aviary that houses a variety of bird species.


  • Generate awareness of the new African Savanna exhibit
  • Send interested web traffic to the Zoo’s website
  • Drive more ticket sales centered around new exhibits

The Approach

The Get Closer campaign was created to highlight the capabilities of the new African Savanna exhibit and emphasize the intimate experience that the space offers visitors. We needed to clearly communicate that the African Savanna allows patrons the opportunity to get closer to the animals than ever before, and illuminate the giraffe feeding platform, and the hippo exhibit.

Before launching the campaign, our team developed a detailed multimedia strategy that would get more people interested in exploring the African Savanna exhibit. To deploy a fully-integrated campaign, we incorporated digital and broadcast ads alongside more traditional out-of-home ads in the form of pole banners, billboards and bus benches that were placed in strategic positions throughout the metroplex.

The Creative

The campaign featured the two stars of the new exhibit: the underwater hippo viewing area, and the elevated giraffe feeding station. Schaefer developed concepts that communicated the intimacy of the space, while also inviting audiences to look adventure in the eye.

We really enjoy using a medium to its full potential and thinking about new ways to use traditional mediums that command consumer attention. For the Get Closer hippo billboard, we used extensions to maximize the real estate on the board and communicate the capability of the new hippo viewing area. By extending the hippo’s head over the top of the board, we were able to mimic the water line and show viewers the capabilities of the exhibit.

Savanna TV Spot

We chose to use the African Savanna TV spot to expand and support the campaign’s core idea of “getting closer” to the animals and take local families on an authentic African safari right in the heart of Fort Worth. The commercial features children and families getting close enough to the animals to play a small game of “monkey-see, monkey-do,” and interacting with the new exhibit’s animal kingdom. Filming animals is unpredictable, but the “talent” decided that they were ready for their closeups and behaved like seasoned professionals.

The Results

  • The weekend after campaign launch saw a 316% increase in ticket sales compared to the weekend before campaign launch.
  • The 60 days after campaign launch sold greater than 35,000 more tickets than the same 60-day segment in 2017, for a 14.3% increase in ticket sales.
  • Standard media display click-thru-rate 216% higher than industry benchmark of .06%.
  • Rich media display click-thru-rate 46% higher than industry average of 2.25%.

Making Life Better

At Schaefer, we strive to make life better with each project that we take on and in every conversation we have. Going to the Fort Worth Zoo is an incredible experience, and it’s an honor to work with an organization that practices such extensive conservation efforts. Feeding a giraffe or standing eye-to-eye with a hippopotamus is such a joy for people of all ages and working to share that experience with a wider audience was the big cat’s pajamas.

November 1, 2017

A Little Stronger

One of our clients, Air Comfort, is located at the heart of Southeast Texas, where Hurricane Harvey hit a few months ago. While the area was still reeling, they came to us with an urgent request – help us create a powerful video that embodies how we’ve been part of the community effort in dealing with this natural disaster. Through our partnership with N8 Visuals, we were able to bring that request to life.
Creating this video was a delicate line to walk, showing the damage and rebuild without appearing to capitalize on the situation. It was also an incredibly time sensitive assignment, where we needed to be nimble and move quickly.
Hurricane Harvey Video BTS
With that in mind, the concept we developed relies on storytelling VO and speaks more to the community’s spirit of resilience and heart rather than focusing on Air Comfort. We were inspired by the true stories of a community coming together and helping their neighbors, and it showed. Air Comfort employees opened their homes to our team and let us film during an incredibly sensitive time, laying bare entire neighborhoods that were destroyed.
The results of those efforts show in the final video, and we couldn’t be more proud. #SETXSTRONG

The Fourth of July is all about tradition. Fireworks, hotdogs, cold beer, and in Texas, live country music and square-dancing. Beyond baseball and apple pie, there’s nothing more traditionally American than a good old fashioned picnic on Independence Day.
For Billy Bob’s annual 4th of July Picnic, we wanted to celebrate America’s birthday by creating a concert poster steeped in Americana convention. So, with an eye on tradition, and an ear on red-dirt country music, we began exploring the aesthetics of classic rock n’ roll posters for inspiration.

When rock n’ roll hit the scene, musicians needed a way to churn up local attendance to their shows without the help of the Internet, social media, or even a mature broadcast medium. Most musicians relied upon an artist to create concert posters that they could then pin up all over town to get eyes on their showtime. Early concert posters were illustrated by hand in two colors or less, and that’s the well from which we drew a lot of our inspiration. A lot of our influence came from the old Hatch Show Print style, which has been around since the late 19th century.
We chose to screen print the poster to honor the tradition of concert posters from the early 20th century, when screen printing was the most efficient and popular way of creating awareness for a touring rock n’ roll band. The poster was printed by Texas Graphic Resources, and done in two simple colors: red and blue. We printed a half-tone photo in blue on top of the solid red, which gives the poster more depth and dimension. Before photoshop, old-school screen printers used to practice this method to combine existing ideas without having to create completely new pieces of art.
We printed the poster on Neenah Environment Desert Storm 80# C – created by Neenah Paper. The heavier paper gives the poster a more substantial feeling, and the desert-craft color makes it look as if it could’ve been pulled from a collector’s library of classic concert posters, sandwiched somewhere between Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan.
The final result is a vibrant poster that features a blue soldier juxtaposed against a red guitar right in the center. The solider holding the guitar acts as the intersection between two American icons: celebrating Independence Day with music and joyous tradition, while also honoring the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice for our American freedoms.
As explorers, we often look forward to find the newest tools to help us accomplish a creative task. But, sometimes the nature of a project urges us to look back in time to find the right solution. For Billy Bob’s 4th of July Picnic, we journeyed back in time to create a memorable poster that celebrates the occasion with a rockin’ salute to the soldiers, music, and American traditions.

No matter the season or circumstance, we believe Christmas time should be special. We try to convey this with our Christmas cards. This year’s Christmas card prompt was to share our Christmas experience.
Our first idea was to surprise our recipients inside their home with homemade cookies– but our lawyer advised against it.
The next best thing is to encourage people to prep ovens, and create Christmas magic. We thought: we want people to get excited about making things–especially tasty Christmas things, how do we send that? We arrived at Christmas cookie-cutters. And not just any cookie cutters. Squirrel shaped cookie cutters. (They make tastier cookies.)
A lot of mystery surrounds the Squirrel; We have a squirrel on the building next to Schaefer, squirrel anniversary pins, a squirrel nut-cracker in our entry way. The list goes on. But the squirrel has become the unofficial mascot of our agency. The squirrel is resourceful, cunning and a little quirky. So this year we wanted to share in your Christmas tradition by sharing a little part of us. May your days be merry, and your cookies find dairy!
And if you’d like to try your hand at the official Schaefer Christmas Cookie, the recipe is as follows:


3/4 cup unsalted butter, slightly softened to room temperature
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg, at room temperature
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
2 and 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt


4 cups powdered sugar
6 tbsp unsalted butter
1/4 cup milk
1/4 tsp almond extract



  1. In large bowl, beat butter until creamed and smooth – about 1 minute. Add sugar and beat on high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 or 4 minutes. Scrape sides and bottom of bowl. Add egg, vanilla, and almond extract and beat on high until fully combined, about 2 minutes. Scrape sides and bottom of bowl.
  2. Whisk flour, baking powder, and salt together in medium bowl. Turn mixer to low and add half of flour mixture, beating until just barely combined. Add restof flour and continue mixing until just combined.If dough still seems too soft, add 1 Tbl more flour until it is a better consistency for rolling.
  3. Chill for one hour.
  4. Once chilled, preheat oven to 350°F.  Roll out and using your limited-edition Schaefer Squirrel cookie cutter,cut into shapes. Transfer cut cookie dough to baking sheet. Re-roll remaining dough and continue cutting
  5. Bake for 8-11 minutes, until very lightly coloredon top and around the edges. Allow to cool on bakingsheet for 5 minutes, transfer to wire rack to cool completely before icing.
  6. For icing, combine all ingredients and beat for two minutes. Decorate cooled cookies and share with @schaeferadco!



At our agency, each project is touched by an invisible hand who sources and manages the right partners to make our projects a success. A getter of goods. An accumulator of accoutrements. A manager of men. And Production. Mostly Production.

We met our newest, Mrs. Jackie Medling, coming from 8 years of Production and traffic management in Dallas. I prepped her that we like to light-heartingly interview our new folks. And that I MAY replace spicy choice selections with the word ‘Bubblegum.’ So with no more delays, here is that interaction:
Schaefer: So you’ve spent some time in Dallas? Is that correct? Tell us about your favorite place. As in, Jackie’s Guide to Dallas?
JM: If there was a one night or one day, I would suggest either going to the Bishop Arts area; there’s lot of cool funky places and good restaurants and cool book shops and coffee shops. So there or lower Greenville. They’ve redone Greenville recently.
Do you have anything against Upper Green..ville?
I mean I wouldn’t go above Mockingbird on Greenville. You can but it gets into suburbs and neighborhoods and stuff. I like to stay below certain streets. Hahahah.
Speaking of mockingbirds and then Blackbirds. I hear you know every Beatles lyric?
Almost yeah, yeah.
Do you have a favorite or one that you’ve always been like: “whats that about?”
Favorite? Because I’m a little sentimental I like: “In my Life.” That’s one of the songs I love the most. Because It reminds me of my dad and there’s a line that says: “In my life, I love you more.” Also the line: “Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog’s eyes.” I’ve always thought: whats up with that? Its weird and creepy.
Weird and creepy, makes me think of weird and sleepy. And we’ve kind of touched on it but, how important is sleep to you?
Its uh-hella important. I mean…very important…
Bubblegum important?
You know, I like to go to bed around 9. I would like to wake up around 9. I can nap on command…
Last question I have written is: How did you hear about Schaefer?
So I lived two streets away [pointing] Me and my husband used to walk our dogs and I used to always walk by Frank Kent and I always looked at the office and thought: A. That’s such a cool building and B. I wonder if they are big enough to, you know hire out. And also you guys make sick-cool work.
So when the position came up, I thought : “That would be a dream job. No… Bubblegum.” I’ve got to get in there. Hahaha
So pretty much, from off the street. The word on the street haha.
Yeah pretty much.
Any final thoughts for your adoring fans?
Ummm… Tip your Bartenders.