Near Southside


June 10, 2015

Paint the town hot pink

We love our neighborhood of Near Southside here in Fort Worth, and we try to be neighborly whenever possible. So when residents started complaining about business patrons parking in front of their houses, we were there to help. See, there’s this perfectly good parking garage just off Magnolia street, but a lot of people didn’t know about it. How do we remedy this? With advertising, of course!

Schaefer created the “Park the Garage” campaign using eye-catching street banners to point people in the right direction. We also provided table tents, buck slips and coasters to local businesses to help reinforce the message. With all that hot pink, there was basically no way for upstanding gourmands to miss that great, big, juicy parking garage just waiting for their vehicles.

Today, the garage is in use, the neighbors are happy and there is peace and tranquility in Near Southside once again. All thanks to some well-placed, brightly colored information.


September 1, 2014

Stick a fork in it

Here’s a riddle: What says “You’re important, come to this tasting event and here’s a bribe?” You guessed it, a foil-stamped invitation with a gold fork and mini chocolate cake inside.
Client Hurst Conference Center hosted an event for local event planners to show off all their amenities, including adaptable spaces and a full-service kitchen. Since the event would include a tasting menu prepared by their on-staff chef, we decided to tempt attendees with a taste of what was to come.
“The good stuff is in the middle” relates to Hurst’s prime location in the heart of the metroplex, but of course it always applies to desserts. Of course, we being the thorough and thoughtful partners that we are did diligently sample a range of desserts to pick the one that was most likely to attract a crowd. All in a day’s work.

August 13, 2013

Predict. Prevent. Extend.

For over 40 years, Win-Sam has been making energy production plants run better and last longer. Their motto is simple: Predict, Prevent, Extend. Through extensive predictive and preventive maintenance strategies, they can increase operational efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.
Since a lot of Win-Sam employees are former Navy men, we went with a military style logo for their rebrand. This insight, combined with the industrial look of their everyday work environment, helped establish a look that we carried out through several pieces. Each of these pieces conveys the strong, roll-up-their-sleeves kind of work ethic that makes Win-Sam so valuable to their clients.