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May 3, 2016

Meet baby gus

Everyone loves babies. I mean, everyone with a soul loves babies. And that’s why when there is a new baby at the Fort Worth Zoo, we all get a little excited. So when the Fort Worth Zoo told us, months in advance, that they were expecting the birth of a western lowland gorilla, we began developing a launch plan to make the announcement. In our initial phases of planning, we identified key challenges that the campaign would need to overcome in order to be effective. The first was that baby gorillas basically mirror a human child in terms of growth and development. This means that for the first few months, the zoo’s newest star, Gus, was going to spend most of his time sleeping and never be more than a few inches from the arms of his mother, Gracie. And, like most moms, Gracie is a wee bit protective. In spite of the infant gorilla not being mobile or very active at all for that matter, we had to find a way to get people excited about coming to see Gus.
Which leads to the second challenge – how do you photograph a tiny black fur ball held closely in the clutches of his mom? Add in the fact that parents, Gracie and Elmo and new baby Gus, live in a secure designed area, plus wanting to minimize any disruptions to their normal activities, you don’t exactly have an Olan Mills photo studio in which to capture that “perfect” baby picture.
But usually, it’s the challenges that lead you to your solution. And this was no different. Think about it, what does every new parent do? Your Facebook feed is proof, that every new parent posts every single progress update. “Here’s junior sleeping in is blue onesie. Now, here’s junior sleeping in his yellow one that Aunt Marge from Des Moines bought him. Oh, wait, now his eyes are open, oh wait, never mind.” You get the idea. So we decided to build the campaign around the experiences that every parent wants to show their child doing. Eating. Playing. Sleeping. Riding.
Using the zoo’s photography documenting Gus and Gracie’s relationship, we created an “interactive” campaign that gives Zoo goers a reason to come back frequently over the coming months. Visit The Fort Worth Zoo today because as we all know, they only stay babies for just a little while.

March 9, 2016

Empowering innovation

What happens when a billion dollar, Berkshire Hathaway company, a global market leader in the distribution of innovative, technologically advanced semiconductors and electronic component parts, approaches you to create a brand persona? At Schaefer we think big. In 2015 we introduced Grant Imahara, celebrity engineer, robotics expert and Mouser customer for 20 years as the company’s spokesperson. We blended Grant’s appeal to the Mouser audiences with true stories from real-world engineers who are responsible for some of the world’s most cutting edge initiatives. Ultimately, creating the “Empowering Innovation” campaign. Cast across digital, social, event and traditional platforms “Empowering Innovation” reached millions and continues to engage and inspire engineers across the world in 2016.

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February 29, 2016

ADDYs Rock!

On the heels of back-to-back Best of Show Awards, the Schaefer Team was honored with 29 awards, including 11 Golds and two Special Judges Awards at the local 2016 American Advertising Awards – proving that great creative and great results for clients is not mutually exclusive. The winning work demonstrates a broad range of creative depth across a wide range of clients including: Fort Worth Zoo, Mouser Electronics, City of Hurst, TTI Electronics, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Fort Worth Creative Cooperative, TCU Athletics, Cassco Development Company. Additionally, Schaefer was recognized for several self-promotion pieces as well as work done for the 2015 American Advertising Awards.
UPDATE: Regional results are in! Schaefer won big taking home 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze. Now on to Nationals, our fingers are crossed for another win. (Remember our National win for Zoo Ball last year?)

Gold ADDY Award &
Regional Gold ADDY Award

Project: Zoo Ball
Client: Fort Worth Zoo
A pop-up invitation for the Fort Worth Zoo’s annual gala event, Zoo Ball, to raise money in support of the zoo’s ongoing mission of conservation.
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Gold ADDY Award &
Regional Silver ADDY Award

Project: Zoo Preschool
Client: Fort Worth Zoo
An illustrated campaign and series of animal flash cards for the preschool program at the Fort Worth Zoo.
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Gold ADDY Award &
Regional Bronze ADDY Award

Project: The Good Stuff
Client: Hurst Conference Center
A direct mail campaign and invitation to the Hurst Conference Center’s tasting event for local planners.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Empowering Innovation Campaign
Client: Mouser Electronics
A campaign for Mouser Electronics centered around engineering and ingenuity through a partnership with spokesman Grant Imahara.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Arts Goggle 2015
Client: Schaefer Advertising Co.
Created a 10ft x 40ft chalkboard and encouraged community participation for the annual Arts Goggle event on Magnolia.
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Special Judges’ Award: Design

Zoo Preschool

Gold ADDY Award

Project: Amendment 28 Campaign
Client: AAF Fort Worth
A campaign centered around the passage of Amendment 28, which outlawed advertising and promote entries to the local ADDY Awards.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Submission Protocol Video Campaign
Client: AAF Fort Worth
Video campaign showing proper protocol for the disposal of advertising and entry into the local ADDY Awards.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Amendment 28 Logo
Client: AAF Fort Worth
Logo for the Department of Justice Anti Persuasion Division, the agency responsible for the enforcement of Amendment 28.
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Gold ADDY Award &
Regional Bronze ADDY Award

Project: Winners Book
Client: AAF Fort Worth
Newspaper style book announcing the repeal of Amendment 28 and showcasing the 2015 Fort Worth ADDY winners.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Official Advertising Collection Receptacle
Client: AAF Fort Worth
Government packaging for the collection of illegal advertising and ADDY entries.
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Gold ADDY Award

Project: Amendment 28 Poster
Client: AAF Fort Worth
Large format poster to announce the outlawing of advertising with the passage of Amendment 28.
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Special Judges’ Award: Concept

Amendment 28 Campaign


2014 BRIT Annual Report
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Beastro Poster Campaign
Fort Worth Zoo
Spring Outdoor Campaign
Fort Worth Zoo
Preschool Campaign
Fort Worth Zoo
Empowering Innovation: Robotics Spotlight
Mouser Electronics
Empowering Innovation: Driverless Cars Spotlight
Mouser Electronics
Schaefer Business Cards
Schaefer Advertising Co.
Schaefer Website
Schaefer Advertising Co.
Creative Gauntlet No. 4 Poster
Fort Worth Creative Cooperative
Amendment 28 Website
AAF Fort Worth


The Kelton Logo
Safari Splash Logo
Fort Worth Zoo
The Specialist Comic Book Series
TTI, Inc.
Southside T-Shirt
Schaefer Advertising Co.
Schaefer 2015 Christmas Card
Schaefer Advertising Co.

October 14, 2015

Arts Goggle 2015

Now that the chalk dust has settled, who is ready to plan for Arts Goggle 2016? Ok, so maybe we aren’t there yet but if you were not able to make it out this year, you missed out. This year, Arts Goggle took over the streets of Magnolia and we took over the street between Henderson and S. Adams. Best Idea Ever!! Having the freedom to be as creative as we wanted, we decided to create a 10ft x 40ft chalkboard wall in the field next to our office. The wall was covered from top to bottom with frames that were all shapes and sizes and allowed for the community to be as creative as they wanted. Starting off, the team was vigilant at keeping the wall clean for more people to participate, but as the day went on and the crowds got bigger, they over took us. By the end of the night the chalk drawings, messages and shout outs had taken over the street.
We teamed up with Trust Printshop for the second year in a row and once again, they out did themselves. To keep with the chalk theme, Matt Lucas put on his mad scientist hat and created chalk–infused ink for the day and printed Southside shirts on site. All the proceeds from the shirts went to help Fort Worth South continue to promote public art in the Southside. “If you didn’t leave Arts Goggle covered in chalk dust you were probably doing it wrong. By the end of the night that giant wall and the shirts were the chalk of the town… See what I did there?

Thanks to everyone who tagged us in your posts! It was great to see your art and hear your thoughts. Here are some of our favorites:

“Having so much fun at Art Goggle in Fort Worth today! Made my day to meet and chat with Matt from @trustprintshop and Ken from @schaeferadco. You guys are awesome! #celebratealways #artsgoggle2015” — celebrate.always

“Super cool art wall set up by @schaeferadco at this years Arts Goggle. #artsgoggle2015 #iheartart #FortWorth #instafw #instagram” — brianhutsonphotography
“A little art culture for the soul. @schaeferadco #iheartart #art #streetart #fortworth #texas” — vangbee87
“My super talented wife having fun at Arts Goggle. #artsgoggle #artsgoggle2015 #nearsouthside @schaeferadco #iheartart —


September 27, 2015

Zoo Ball at the Flamingo

The Story

Each year the Fort Worth Zoo hosts an annual gala event, Zoo Ball, to raise money in support of the zoo’s ongoing mission of conservation. In a city as large and philanthropically minded as Fort Worth, it’s absolutely vital to break through the noise of other worthy charity events. This year being the 30th anniversary, the planning committee held high expectations for all aspects of the party. Dubbed 1940’s Las Vegas nightclub themed, we set on the path to creating a high-end invitation the encompassed the elegant event.

The Work

To define the tone of the event, our first step was to create inspiration boards. Focusing on high end elements, animal details and historic landmarks, we created the visual foundation for the invitation and ultimately the event. During our research, we discovered that Bugsy Siegel’s legendary Flamingo was one of the first nightclubs in Las Vegas. Leveraging the iconic venue, we titled the event Zoo Ball at the Flamingo. Just like that, the perfect animal pairing for our period event was born.

Harnessing the juxtaposition of larger-than-life Vegas shows within dark, unassuming nightclubs, we developed the concept for an elaborate three dimensional pop-up invitation. Though we may not be paper engineers per se, we always aim to seek what’s possible. Concept turned into reality through partnership with Cockrell Enovation and Structural Graphics, good ‘ole trial and error and more than one paper cut.

The end result is a structural masterpiece. The custom envelope was built to ensure the piece would not get damaged in mailing. The guests were presented with what appears to be a flat “standard” invitation. But upon opening, two pink flamingos emerge from the pages of the invitation, unfolding into an incredible display of creativity and paper construction.

The Results

This year’s event sold out in record time and successfully raised a record-setting amount for the Zoo. Invitees began posting videos of the invitation on social media. And yet again, the bar was raised a little higher for next year.


Schaefer was awarded a gold national Addy for the 2015 Zoo Ball invitation, for the second year in a row! To give it some context, we were one of only 83 gold winners out of 40,000 entries. We’re incredibly proud of our back-to-back wins and excited to represent Fort Worth among some of the top agencies in the country.

Check out the complete List of 2016 National Gold Addy Winners


December 8, 2014

Schaefer Christmas Retreat

The annual Schaefer Christmas party is always preceded by several months of planning, intrigue and lies, resulting in something of a cat-and-mouse game between the party planning committee and those who get off on ruining surprises.
After a concerted effort to make us all think we were flying somewhere (convincing many), we loaded up on Thursday morning and drove to our destination: a 16,000 square foot mansion on Lake Travis near Austin.

Arriving earlier than expected, the party planners called an audible – a wine tasting and tour at nearby Flat Creek Estate. Not a bad way to kill an hour.
After unloading the trailer and exploring the enormous house and grounds, we began the business of the day. This trip was to be part year-in-review, part looking ahead and part Burning Man. That is, a tamer, fully-clothed Burning Man without all the costumes and glitter.
Nicknames were earned, lingo was added to the already expansive Schaefer lexicon and we all came away with a clear vision of our goals for 2015. Some people also left with a headache.
Stay tuned for big things next year. Thanks for being a part of this one, even if it was just by reading this blog. There are a lot more photos to look through on our Facebook page, so head on over there now, please.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Schaefer.

Scott Porter – Copywriter, Photos, Video, etc.

For photography, I recently discovered the work of Josh Wool. Portraits are my favorite thing to take, and his are awesome. Between his work and all the Photoshop tutorials I’ve been watching lately, I’m really itching to shoot a lot more.

For writing, I’m currently reading a collection of Hunter S. Thompson’s articles for Rolling Stone. I’d (somehow) never read any of his stuff before or seen any of the movies about him. For being known as a drug-addled wild man, his writing is surprisingly coherent. Irreverent and vulgar, yes, but uncompromising. I think he’d be the kid who called the emperor naked. I doubt any client is going to ask for Gonzo-style copy, but I’ll see if I can’t sneak it in somewhere.

Scott Porter – Copywriter, Photos, Video, etc.
For photography, I recently discovered the work of Josh Wool. Portraits are my favorite thing to take, and his are awesome. Between his work and all the Photoshop tutorials I’ve been watching lately, I’m really itching to shoot a lot more.
For writing, I’m currently reading a collection of Hunter S. Thompson’s articles for Rolling Stone. I’d (somehow) never read any of his stuff before or seen any of the movies about him. For being known as a drug-addled wild man, his writing is surprisingly coherent. Irreverent and vulgar, yes, but uncompromising. I think he’d be the kid who called the emperor naked. I doubt any client is going to ask for Gonzo-style copy, but I’ll see if I can’t sneak it in somewhere.

Schaefer Advertising Co. is pleased to announce that the agency has earned four American Advertising Federation (AAF) District Ten ADDY Awards. District Ten represents ad clubs from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. The award-winning work was nominated for regional consideration, following their success during the AAF-Fort Worth ADDY Awards in February, winning a total of 26 awards. With over 500 entries, the awards won by Schaefer included nine Gold, 10 Silver, five Bronze, one Special Judges, and Best of Show overall. The District Ten award-winning campaigns originally won Gold awards at the AAF-Fort Worth ADDY Awards, including Best of Show, Non-traditional, Out-of-Home, Collateral Material, and Advertising for the Arts & Sciences.

“We are honored have our work recognized on a regional and district level, and continuing on to the National ADDY Awards. But to be honest, what we are most proud of is that we were awarded Gold ADDY’s for six different clients. It wasn’t just one campaign that won in a lot of categories. It was a diverse portfolio of work for a wide range of clients. And given the measurable results the campaigns delivered, it affirms the work was winning blend of strategy and creativity,” Ken Schaefer, president, said.

Schaefer’s Gold and Silver District Ten winners were also entered as finalist at the AAF National ADDY Awards competition. The winning campaigns include:
Gold ADDY – Cassco Development Company, Word Crop Signs
Silver ADDY – Cassco Development Company, Word Crop Signs
Silver ADDY – JPS Health Network, Respiratory Etiquette Campaign
Silver ADDY – Fort Worth Zoo, Zoo Ball Invitation

“It’s great to be recognized at this level for one of our non-traditional projects. It takes a creative idea and bold client to be able to do something as unique as “word crops.” It’s a testament to our collaborative relationship with our clients,” Todd Lancaster, Vice President – Creative Director, said.

About The American Advertising Federation
The American Advertising Federation protects and promotes the well-being of advertising. The AAF has 15 district operations, each located in and representing a different region of the nation. The AAF’s membership is comprised of a national network of nearly 200 local federations, representing 40,000 advertising professionals, located in ad communities across the country; and more than 200 AAF college chapters, with over 6,500 student members. For more information regarding AAF, check out their website

February 24, 2014

2014 ADDYs Recap

Another local advertising awards season has come and gone, and it was one of the best ADDYs yet for Schaefer. This year’s haul came to 25 total awards, including 9 golds, a Special Judges’ Award and Best of Show. The latter comes with the chore honor of putting on next year’s ADDY event. We should probably get on that now.
In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the big winners:

Best of Show: Word Crops – Cassco Development Company

Special Judges’ Award: Small Change, Big Impact videos – JPS Foundation

Gold Addy: Ryan Family Showdown TV – Nolan Ryan Beef
Gold Addy: Respiratory Etiquette Posters – JPS Health Network

Gold Addy: Zoo Ball invitation – Fort Worth Zoo

Gold Addy: Beastro campaign – Fort Worth Zoo

Gold Addy: Schaefermade Lemonade campaign – Schaefer Advertising Co.