Graphic Designer

Julia Cooper

Julia Elizabeth Cooper

Title: Graphic Designer
Nicknames: Jules, Joomba, Hulia
Senior quote: “It’s my guilty pleasure.”

Julia enjoys watercolors, posca paint pens, cooking, cycling, plants, video games, and most of all, her dog Toki, a Japanese Akita.  She is on the board of directors for the Japanese Akita Club of America doing graphic design and making art to donate to JACA Cares for fundraising to help Japanese Akitas in rescues.

Armed with a Canon 5d Mark II named Gatwick, her ultimate goal is to marry graphic design with photography. Trained to think like a photographer, Julia has unique viewpoint when it comes to design and she plays it to her advantage. She understands that every photo is a biased viewpoint that can shape the way one thinks of the subject. In that same fashion, she understands how to make people feel about a brand, that it’s not just a logo or pretty illustration.

According to her dog, she gives too many cuddles and not enough steak and cheese. Her dog doesn’t like it when she chases him around the house with a banana, and doesn’t her booping her nose. But. It’s her guilty pleasure!

Fun facts: