July 7, 2014

A Summer Sequel

She claims to single-handedly fund Yogurt Land. She wants to name her own OPI polish “Sweet Colada Sunshine.” And she would pay to be in Beyonce’s music video Love on Top. Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor DePuma has found her home at Schaefer.

But she’s no stranger. Taylor started at Schaefer as an account services intern before finishing up her senior year at Texas A&M. Now, she’s back for good as a full-time account coordinator. As an intern, she blogged about the Schaefer teams “hilarious” behaviors, so, for her feature blog post, we are going to share with you the funniest things we’ve learned about Taylor so far:

  1. Taylor wants to start a book club in which she is the only member.
  2. Taylor’s brother once introduced Taylor to his girlfriend by saying, “We just laugh along with her because she thinks she’s funnier than she is.”
  3. At her intern luncheon, Taylor didn’t know who Lee Harvey Oswald was. Because of this, she is now a self-taught Lee Harvey Oswald expert.
  4. Lauren Conrad is Taylor’s best friend. Lauren just doesn’t know it.
  5. If Taylor were to die in a scary movie, it would be Stay Alive starring Sophia Bush, but she doesn’t remember how Sophia actually dies, she just remembers liking the plot of the movie.

So, it’s official! We are now welcoming Taylor to the Schaefer team of hilarious employees. We can’t wait to see what she does here. (The comedic relief that she has already provided us is already much appreciated.)