Attractions, Tourism & the Arts

Connecting people to places

We help brands think like consumers to reach new audiences, shape actions and cultivate a meaningful relationship with their guests.

What sets us apart

Our people, definitely. But also, the way we do things. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, we look for new opportunities, uncover your customer’s unique journey and align your brand’s position with your audience’s needs. At Schaefer, the success of our partners is ultimately what defines us. 

Attractions, Tourism & The Arts experience

From cultural destinations to eclectic neighborhoods, we partner with ambitious brands and people.

Research and Strategy

Thinking that goes deeper

The foundation of every great brand experience is strategy. We take the time to get to know your customer, identify what makes your organization unique and use it to communicate the moments your audience can’t wait to experience.

Award-Winning Creative

Not just an ad, an experience

To us, compelling creative isn’t defined by how good it looks. It has to be functional, relatable and ultimately, get people to take action. We use those principles to guide our process, crafting experiences that not only engage with your audience, but convert. 


Measure twice, optimize often

When you make a connection, it’s important to grow it. That’s why we measure how guests interact with your brand in the real world, and use that data to respond in real time. You call them analytics. We call them answers.

Let's collaborate

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