January 15, 2016

BRIT: Curious By Nature

Throughout the Fort Worth community, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) is known to most as the beautiful building next to the Botanic Gardens. Beyond the visual attraction of the building, they have a rich history in our community and a tremendous reputation in their industry.
BRIT views the world and their interactions with the planet through the lens of the BRIT Nexus. This perspective prioritizes water, plants, soil, food and energy and focuses on the interactions between those five elements. This focus informs everything the organization does.
Schaefer was asked to inform members of this unique process while showing how it impacted all of their efforts. This challenge led us to create the BRIT Annual Report as two books in one. The “top” book featured the BRIT Nexus and used infographics to communicate specific topical information about each of the primary elements of the Nexus. The bottom book looked back at the year and explored a diverse range of projects and initiatives that they were involved in throughout 2014.

“The BRIT nexus informs everything we do.” Pat Harrison, BRIT Interim Executive Director

The report features a modern aesthetic, with a bright and energetic tone that distances itself from a ‘granola’ stereotype. BRIT has successfully laid down strong roots in our community and continue to look beyond to big issues facing our world today. We are grateful to work with them and help them bring their knowledge to the world.