December 8, 2018

Community Connects Us

Rebranding a city is a challenging and rewarding endeavor, a pairing we thrive in at Schaefer. In order to stand out among the 200+ cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and appeal to various stakeholders, it was critical for the City of Hurst to rebrand with purpose.

The Challenge 

Before Schaefer was hired, the City’s tagline was, “A Quality of Life City” an ordinary and nonspecific descriptor. The City sought to update their logo and messaging to better mirror the great progress the Council had made and align with the City’s updated mission and vision statements. Furthermore, they wanted to highlight their community values of respect, stewardship, positivity and inclusiveness. So, it was key that the new logo, tagline and seal worked together to amplify the city’s progress and position in the community. 


Schaefer began the discovery process with key stakeholders to discuss branding and messaging feedback and preferences, and to review past research findings. Once we determined the key insights that informed the brand and tone, we began building a brand platform that worked seamlessly across the marketing landscape.


The City of Hurst’s new logo features clean lines and a simplified color palette. The star and the “H” give an updated nod to the original logo and seal, but with a modern and timeless approach.

The new tagline “Community connects us” nods to the dual meaning of connection, as in the physical way in which Hurst connects Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as the relationships formed between community members.