May 1, 2024

Creating a brand campaign of heroic proportions

Giving Kyzatrex® renewed energy and vibrance with a new brand campaign.

Kyzatrex Law Mower Hero


More than 20 million men deal with problems related to hypogonadism, or low testosterone. Many patients and HCPs have preconceived notions about diagnosis and treatment, and tend to focus solely on sexual health benefits. But low testosterone can also contribute to health problems ranging from mild issues such as fatigue, to severe problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes, CVD and mental illness.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an emerging market that still falls to the bottom of the priority list for many HCPs. Despite its prevalence and chronicity, the diagnosis, administration and management of TRT remains a complex journey that, until Kyzatrex®, only came in painful, inconvenient or messy treatment options. Kyzatrex, however, brought an innovative new approach to the market by providing the option of helping patients address this important metabolic issue with a convenient daily oral dose — a difference that HCPs needed to be aware of.

Kyzatrex Heroes


  • Create a campaign that “cuts through the clutter” of prescriptive testosterone patches, gels, pills and injections
  • Develop brand messaging that resonates with both consumers and healthcare providers
  • Boost brand awareness rapidly
  • Establish metrics for gauging the success of the campaign


Because HCPs and patients alike primarily equate testosterone primarily with sexual health, Kyzatrex needed to change the conversation. Research provided insights and understanding of the target’s mindset that led to a revelation: Kyzatrex delivers the total package — convenience and a therapeutic option for a critical metabolic health issue. More importantly, Kyzatrex helps HCPs and patients make more of their everyday lives and activities.

We tapped into the truth around this once mysterious condition and chose a path that took the emphasis off of sexual health. Instead, we turned the spotlight on how TRT impacts a patient’s everyday tasks. Through our creative approach, we made men heroes of their lives again, elevating the mundane into heroic feats. We engaged HCPs with images as dynamic as movie posters, glorifying the way the daily grind can actually be heroic when their patients feel like themselves again. And, with meaningful clinical data to back it up, we ensured the HCPs would be heroes, too.

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Making mundane moments memorable. Framing the everyday as heroic. In short: Changing the conversation.

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Within a quarter of launching a bold, attention-grabbing campaign that used print, collateral, digital and social channels, the client was able to rapidly grab attention — and secure results. Among them included:

  • Generating a rapid spike in prescriptions
  • Inking a number of high-profile clinical agreements
  • Establishing an important co-marketing relationship with a leading telehealth company


The more competitive a market or communications space becomes, the more crucial it is to find ways to elevate a brand above the noise and clutter. In this case, a breakthrough shift to a differentiated brand personality embraced bigger, bolder graphics, allowing Kyzatrex to do exactly that. It also effectively engaged patients and HCPs in a highly human-centric way, positioning the client for greater success and to secure a larger share of this growing market.

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