April 17, 2024

Embrace the Unexpected

Growing tourism traffic in Fort Worth

Visit Fort Worth is the City partner responsible for powering economic development through tourism. They are tasked with representing the hospitality industry and sharing the Fort Worth story with and beyond the community, a large responsibility for a small and mighty team. Schaefer has gotten the honor to support the Visit Fort Worth team in a myriad of ways to help bring all that Fort Worth has to offer to visitors nationwide. 

Recently we developed a campaign to support the beloved Cultural District in Fort Worth, specifically beyond the metroplex focusing on promoting tourism via day trips or weekend trips from local drive markets. The Cultural District is unique in that it boasts more than 5 renowned and specialized museums all within walking distance of one another. This differentiator was key to our campaign. 

Go for the art. Stay for the wonder.  

There are many attractions and districts in Fort Worth for tourists to visit during their stay. While the Cultural District is rich in experience, it can be difficult to communicate all that it has to offer, specifically in short form. In order to increase foot traffic, specifically from drive markets, Schaefer developed a modular, multifaceted campaign signifying the initial draw, and amplifying the sustained value of your visit. 

Visit Fort Worth Out of Home

To appropriately frame the story of the Cultural District offerings, why you come and why you stay, we worked with the various museums and attractions to review available assets and create both still and video-based deliverables. 

We strategized an omnichannel media campaign to deploy across the primary markets of Austin, San Antonio and Houston, as well as our neighboring Dallas.  Our media approach spanned all tiers of the funnel and featured in-house programmatic and digital support paired with traditional mediums such as longer-form advertorials and video placements in localized publications and out of home. 

Visit Fort Worth Web and Email Marketing

Judging Success

If you’ve worked with Schaefer before, you know we are all about results. There are times, however, where those results are more challenging to track, specifically when awareness is a key indicator of performance (KPI). At the onset of the campaign we met with the Visit Fort Worth team to identify and align on our KPIs. 

With awareness from new visitors as the key performance indicator, Schaefer saw great success via our web metrics:

  • Page views increased – 407% YoY
  • Sessions increased – 835% YoY
  • New users increased – 958% YoY