May 22, 2019

Fighting for great ideas to be heard

Texas born but Michigan raised, Ali Baer is back in the Lonestar state to stay. As an avid traveler Ali has a long laundry list of things she can’t wait to explore. Her passions are spending time with friends, family and her pup, Rusty!
Schaefer: Tell us about yourself.
I was born in Austin but grew up in the state of Michigan. Most of my time was spent out on the beautiful Lake Michigan. After graduating from DePauw University, I found myself back in Texas– this time in Fort Worth.
Schaefer: How did you get started in your position?
I had an amazing mentor (and now close friend) who guided me through my internships and into my first job. As a junior in college, I worked at a small agency and learned a little bit about everything. I watched my boss work so well with clients and decided that it may be something I could do well. I love people, I am organized and slightly OCD, and I like to solve problems.
Schaefer: What is a random fun fact that people wouldn’t know about you?
For the time being, my first name is actually Michelle. I will actually be changing every part of my name soon. My initial now are MAB, but I will soon be ABH.
Schaefer: What is on your bucket list?
Greece. Being a mother. Drinking Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand and Pinot Noir in Oregon. I want to visit every state.
Schaefer: If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to get into advertising, what would it be?
Take the time you need to provide thoughtful and thorough recommendations. Advertising agencies are hired to be strategic partners, so don’t rush through deliverables just to check a box. Fight for great ideas to be heard.
Schaefer: What’s the best thing you’ve seen happen at Schaefer since you started working here?
During my first week, we celebrated a collegue’s 2nd work anniversary. Everyone went around the table and shared something they love about working with her. Apparently, we do this for everyone, every year. I cried multiple times (I know embarrassing) and I didn’t even know anyone yet!
Schaefer has immediately felt like home and I am already thankful for these wonderful people and that the culture here focuses on building people up because that is how good teams work together.
Schaefer: Any last words for the people?
Work hard and be kind.