September 10, 2013

JPS Health Network Rebrand

Last year, JPS Health Network charged us with reinvigorating their brand and changing the perception that this county hospital was dated, distant and becoming irrelevant in the community. By doing so, we could inspire the employees within the network to have greater pride in their organization and in the quality care they provide for their patients.

The new JPS Health Network logo consists of the JPS icon and the tagline “Centered in Care, Powered by Pride.” The tagline is given new prominence to clearly define the JPS commitment to excellent patient care. It’s necessary to evolve logos over time to keep them relevant as the assumptions made when the initial logo was established may no longer hold true. The color-enhanced JPS logo reflects the vibrancy, diversity and energy of their staff today while maintaining the core blue icon that is so well recognized in the community.

We found that almost 80% of their printing used four or five colors. With this discovery, we saw an opportunity to introduce more color to the logo that would not impact the budget for printing and would deliver greater impact in digital mediums.

Visually, this is not a drastic overhaul of an identity but a very specific and strategic evolution that focuses on opportunities to better JPS as a network. This can be seen in the improvements to legibility within the icon and typography. Our design styles and approach to all communication materials moving forward must provide clarity because it reflects the quality of care that is provided.

We selected the Tisa typeface family to bring a more contemporary look to the JPS brand. By contrasting a sans serif and slab serif typefaces, we are able to provide variety to the various extensions of the brand without sacrificing consistency or legibility. When paired with the updated icon, this typeface maintains brand recognition within the community and displays a more approachable image.

– Charlie Howlett