June 12, 2019

See you on the patio

Although she is a nomad at heart, Krista Farrar has taken her adventures to Fort Worth. With a knack for connecting with people and a love of entertainment, Krista Farrar found her way into account service here at Schaefer. Krista’s wondering curiosity fuels her life and her love for advertising.

Schaefer: Tell me a little bit about yourself
I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I was born in Fort Worth but have lived in Wichita, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. I joined the Navy when I was 20 and was stationed in San Diego. After serving, I came back to the DFW area and finished up my schooling at the University of Texas at Arlington. I interned a lot when I was in school –three agencies and one nonprofit. I was motivated to learn everything there was to know about advertising. From the beginning, account service was a natural fit.

Schaefer: So, you knew you always wanted to go into advertising?
Yep. Well, sort of. When I decided I to get out of the Navy, I sat down with one of my supervisors and we discussed what was next. I was pointed towards marketing because of its team-oriented environment. I visited some marketing and advertising agencies and fell in love with the fast-paced culture. I ended up double majoring in advertising and public relations but felt more of a connection with advertising.

Schaefer: Why did you end up joining Schaefer?
I became involved with AAF (American Advertising Federation) during college, and as a chapter, we did an Ad Crawl –one of the agencies we visited was Schaefer. I was immediately stunned by the beauty of the building, but it was the employee interaction that drew me in. A lot of agencies claim that they are “close,” but the culture at Schaefer is truly like a family.

Schaefer: What was something that was surprising about Schaefer that you noticed only when you started working here?
I’d say I’m surprised at how easy it is to feel at home. Actually, it’s probably more comfortable than my home. There are days that I look at the clock and notice its past 5:30. I hadn’t even realized because I’m not counting down the minutes. It’s not an “I have to stay late” type of job, it’s an “I guess I should go home now” kind of one.

Schaefer: What are your top restaurants in Fort Worth?
I’ve always been a big Mac and Cheese fan. Brewed on Magnolia has a Mac and Cheese waffle that excites me. Plus, there is fried chicken on top. I also enjoy trying new and interesting combos! Working at Schaefer is great because it is within walking distance of several tasty food places.
I’m also an atmosphere person; I’ll pick an outdoor patio all day. LOVE them. But where you’ll find me most are dog-friendly patios!

Schaefer: If you could create the soundtrack for the office, what would be on it?
That’s hard; we have a great soundtrack playing. It’s always playing songs that match my mood, even if I didn’t know I was in that mood. I tend to lean towards acoustic tracks when working.

Schaefer: What advice would you give someone who is entering into advertising?
Soak up as much as you can, I know it sounds lame, but ‘pay attention in class.’ Definitely find yourself a mentor (or two) to bounce ideas and questions off of.

Schaefer: Any last tidbits of advice?
Networking in this industry is key. Don’t network because you need something; just get to know people and learn from them and their experiences.