August 14, 2019

Once, Twice, Three-times a Mailer

The Latin rule of three “omne trium perfectum” is the principle that good, often great things, occur in threes. The Three Amigos, tricycles, and three-piece suits are just a few examples of great trios, but three’s excellence can extend into the advertising world and shape how brands communicate their key messaging.

The Goal – Engage Sales Team Around Core Brand Messaging

Soolantra Cream is a prescription skin care product for the treatment of rosacea. To improve overall sales, it was important for Soolantra’s sales team to understand the three key benefits Soolantra had over its direct competitor.

The Three Benefits:

1 – Soolantra is dual-purpose and can treat both inflammation and symptoms of rosacea.

2 – Soolantra is superior to direct competitor MetroCream, and proven so by multiple studies.

3 – Soolantra is non-irritating, and highly tolerable.

By memorizing these three benefits, the sales team would be able to better communicate with dermatologists and help get Soolantra to more patients.

Fun is Perfectly Acceptable

We set out with a tall task – creating something memorable that swaths of salespeople could use in their everyday sales routine. We wanted to grab their full attention, and reinforce the three benefits Soolantra has over its direct competitors. So, how do you break through the calamity of the day-to-day, and stand out among numerous notifications and piles of paper? By creating something fun.

The Work

We stretched the idea of fun into three distinct ideas and were expecting Soolantra to select one concept. But sometimes life unfolds in surprising ways, and that’s what happened when the client decided to choose all three concepts.

Tr!o Tr!v!a

Can you name the three types of ice cream used in a sundae? Can you recall the famous, fictional French trio that stood guard for Paris in the 19th century? Tr!0 Tr!v!a encourages the mailer recipients to play along in a fun trivia game that covers famous trios in pop culture. The card game engages people in a light-hearted manner, and asks them to dig into their cultural grey matter to uncover the right answers.

Go For Three

In basketball, there’s no greater glory than hitting a perfect three-point shot from the top of the arc. For the Soolantra sales team, that glory is re-created when they close a sale using the three key sales points in the core messaging. We wanted to play on “going-for-three,” and used the headband as a fun reminder of the core messaging. The tri-fold insert unfolds to display the messages on a paper basketball court. The whole piece is a testament to threes and reminds the team to hit all three sales points.

Soolantra Cream Three-Ring Circus

Just as Soolantra has three key sales points, our three-ring circus has three acts to remind the sales team about its benefits. The dual-purpose action of Soolantra is embodied by twin trapeze-artists, and its highly tolerable nature is represented by a tamed lion. The fact that Soolantra is superior to MetroCream is displayed as a strong man easily lifting a barbell, visually pointing to Soolantra’s strength. The poster was accompanied by Circus Peanuts, which just so happen to fall into Soolantra’s brand colors.

The Soolantra Three-Ring Circus mailer is concise and clearly communicates the core messaging in a light, and engaging way. We were proud when it earned a Gold Addy in 2018.

Celebrating the Brand

Since the target of our mailer were employees of Soolantra, we wanted to find pride in the brand.

Each mailer is sealed in a bright orange, padded envelope. This proclaims to each recipient that the enclosed items are anything but ordinary. The contents of the individual mailers are all branded with Soolantra colors, and each piece reaffirms the core messaging with ease. All of this is a reminder to the person opening the mailer that Soolantra is an exciting brand that is willing to have some fun.

Making Life Better

By incorporating some fun into healthcare messaging, we were able to capture the attention of the Soolantra sales team, and helped them improve on communicating key brand messaging. This allowed them to reach more patients by convincing dermatologists that Soolantra was the superior rosacea treatment.

It’s important that those suffering from the symptoms of rosacea can get therapeutic treatment that is pain-free, and helps them combat the chronic skin disease. We were proud to create a mail campaign that could help our client share their products with more patients, and ultimately help more people to feel confident in their own skin.