Ali Haney

Ali Haney

Title: Group Director – Attractions, Tourism & The Arts
Nicknames: Al, Alibaer
Senior quote: “Everything in moderation.”

She may have midwest roots, but Ali has Texas sized ideas. Ali believes her role as Group Director is always changing depending on who she’s working with, and that’s what keeps it interesting. She values creating a unique strategy to solve problems for each individual client. If you’re looking for Ali on the weekend, odds are she is probably in someone’s wedding or working on planning her own. Other than that, you can find her on the lake, with her dog, or, ideally, on the lake WITH her dog.

Fun facts:

  • Fell in love in a hospital… after now husband got rhabdomyolysis from attending a spin class with her on their 3rd date
  • Mild (major) obsession with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rusty
  • Doesn’t drink coffee or any caffeine