Blair Lawson

Blair Lawson

Title: Associate Creative Director
Nicknames: Babs
Senior quote: “I never misspell words when I speak.”

Born on the bayou of southeast Texas, Blair graduated with a BFA in graphic design from TCU. Don’t let her impeccable posture and fashion sense fool you, this Cajun will be the first to identify that insect that just landed on your window. She has become a creative force to be reckoned with and has the industry – and just as importantly – the client accolades to prove it. Whether it’s a company happy hour or the latest project, Blair has a way of making everything around her better.

Fun facts:

  • Her spirit animal is an elephant
  • On-again off-again Yogi
  • Has a four-legged fur child (a husky named Toph)
  • Best frown in town