Associate Director - Digital Experience

Brett Yanoski

Brett Yanoski

Title: Associate Director – Digital Experience
Nicknames: Brettski
Senior quote: “Did you hear about this new thing?“

Brett Yanoski is a 2012 graduate from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Graphic Design. With over a decade of experience as a designer and developer, he has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including entertainment, healthcare and small business. At Schaefer, he is the Associate Director of Digital Experience, and works with brands across multiple verticals building digital experiences that make an impact and leave a lasting impression. Brett is also on the advisory board of AIGA DFW, a group of graphic design professionals aimed at growing the design community throughout North Texas.

Brett is passionate about games and podcasting. When he has free time, he hosts The Inner Gamer podcast, which covers video game news, opinions and discussions for the casual gamer.

Fun facts:

  • He is an avid traveler, but hates flying.
  • He loves exploring new restaurants, bars, and eateries – if it’s new and local, he’s game.
  • He is constantly acquiring the newest technology – from the Oura Ring, to the latest Meta Headset.
  • Brett is an avid music lover and goes to a few live concerts each month.
  • He enjoys bringing people together, and combining friends for excellent nights out.