Doug Austin

Doug Austin

Title: VP Growth & Innovation
Nickname: Doug
Senior quote: “Doug@AustinAmplifies.com”

Doug’s multi-decade career in marketing and advertising has seen three states and many job descriptions. What started as an unpaid agency internship has evolved to the VP of Growth & Innovation at Schaefer and owner of Austin Amplifies. Blue chips or startups, the approach is the same; understand the consumer first. His industry expertise and ability to identify opportunities has helped agencies scale from small to a multi-agency network, more than doubling AGI from less than $8MM to $20MM. Doug has worked with Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Target, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and true to his talent, that list is growing. 

Doug knows every angle of agency life. From account service and business development to consultant and even author. As the VP of Growth and Innovation, he lends his thought leadership and experience to many of our most important business decisions. Sharing his knowledge is second nature. Doug is also a public speaker, author of Permission to Win: How to Grow Your Advertising Agency with Confidence and a frequent podcast guest. 

Always focused on understanding the human condition, Doug fills his free time observing people. But his favorite place to be is motoring around the lake on his boat with his wife.

Fun Facts

  • Doug only dreams in black and white.
  • Loves to imitate voices when telling stories, which can get awkward sometimes…. 
  • Shine or no shine, top down is his preferred way to ride in his convertible.