Junior Art Director

Ethan Casella

Ethan Casella

Title: Junior Art Director
Nicknames: The Skittler
Senior Quote: “Lean forward.”

Ethan Casella was born and raised in California, but he hopes you won’t hold that against him. Before starting as a Junior Art Director at Schaefer, he worked alongside the creative team not once, but twice in back to back internships. After graduating from Texas Christian University in 2022 with a BFA in graphic design, Ethan knew two things: he loved Texas and wanted to stay. And we’re sure glad he did. 

Ethan brings a thoughtful and analytical approach to design. His willingness to explore and expand his expertise continuously adds new perspective to the team he’s part of and the clients he works on. A skill he takes across exciting new terrains as an off-road photographer.

Fun Facts:

  • Ethan is a twin (the evil one). We’re kidding.
  • He began experimenting with video SFX at age 10. And still gets excited by the words green screen.
  • Ethan regularly eats 3 lbs of skittles in a day.