Production Artist

Jason Shupe

Jason Shupe

Title: Production Artist
Nicknames: Jason Shupe
Senior Quote: “If the check clears, I’m good.”

After twenty years in the industry, it’s safe to say that Jason is a true creative aficionado. He has an abundance of agency experience, an eye for detail and a solid understanding of how to bring a project’s vision to fruition. As a Production Artist, Jason’s creative super powers will help the creative team at Schaefer conquer anything at a moment’s notice.

At home, Jason has also attained superhero status from his three sons. When he’s not spending time outside with his family, he’s most likely fixing and upgrading things around his house. You won’t be able to find him on a Google search, but you might spot him on his wife’s social media.

Fun facts:

  • At one month old, Jason was camping near la paz, baja. 
  • At two years old, he was skiing at Snowbird in Utah. 
  • At three years old, Jason wandered away from a campfire in the Mojave desert. It took five trucks and seven hours to find him.