Jessica Bray

Jessica Bray

Title: Assistant to the President
Nicknames: Bray the Cray, JJ, Najerita
Senior quote: “Let me organize that!”

Ever since Jessica joined the Schaefer team, things seem to be flowing just a little bit smoother around here. After six years as an elementary school teacher, Jessica has found many similarities between teaching and her new role as Assistant to the President. You’ll find her organizing the office, coordinating schedules, planning company events, and establishing office procedures. But most importantly, you’ll see her greeting guests with a smile and phone callers with an energetic “Hello! Thank you for calling Schaefer Advertising, this is Jessica!” Born in Mexico, but raised in Fort Worth, this self-proclaimed “funky-towner” can be found with her family on weekends trying new dishes and local restaurants. Fair warning though, she won’t think twice to ask you for a bite of your food.

Fun facts:

  • Always keeps a pack of Orbit chewing gum on hand.
  • Mother to a Chihuahua family of 5
  • Lover of board games yet have never seen the end of a monopoly game.
    Is there even a winner?