December 18, 2015

Lickety. Lickety. Zoo. Zoo.

The Riff Ram cheer has been a part of Horned Frog history for over 100 years, but it had become little more than an occasional homage to the school’s legacy. In 2014, TCU asked Schaefer to devise a way to reintroduce the Riff Ram cheer as part of the game day experience – and the Riff Ram video was born! The 2015 video shows fans and players alike, uniting for the game all saying the words of this chant. They play the video at every TCU football home game and each one ends with a different TCU celebrity saying, ”Give ‘em hell, TCU!” Since bringing it into the game experience last year, the chant has taken on new life and continues to gain momentum.

This year, we showed how the spirit of the chant has taken the Fort Worth community by storm. It is a unifying thread among Frog Fans, and it has deepened the pride we all have in Fort Worth’s university. TCU is further establishing itself as Fort Worth’s team. Alumni or not, Horned Frogs bring an added sense of pride for our city. Riff Ram is unique to TCU, and it is taking root beyond the stadium.

Schaefer worked with TCU athletics to bring a unique finish to each time the video played in-stadium. The final line, “Give ’em Hell, TCU!” was delivered by famous TCU alumni like Bob Schieffer, Jake Arrieta and Matt Carpenter, Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle, ISU fan turned TCU fan Abby Faber and Country Music Star Brad Paisley.

In addition to the in stadium video, Schaefer created a range of Riff Ram branded extensions to further deliver what the fans were wanting. We designed t-shirts, coffee mugs, pennants, digital downloads, wall murals, an 80’s workout video and even commissioned a painted SuperFrog portrait. It has been a great project to be a part of and it fires up even the non-TCU alumni in our office. Go Frogs!
Produced in partnership with N8 Visuals.
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