July 9, 2014

Schaefer Advertising, this is Amanda?

Everyone, this is Amanda Peredo, Schaefer’s new operations coordinator. As “The O.C.,” Amanda will be the friendly voice that takes your calls, the smiling face that greets you in our lobby and the person we complain to when we’re out of snacks.
Recently, I sat down with Amanda to ask her the hard-hitting questions Channel Scott News is known for.

Scott: Hi, Amanda. How’s it going?
Amanda: It’s good! How are you?
S: Hey, I’m the interviewer here, okay?
A: Oh, uh…okay.
S: But I’m fine, thanks for asking. So – tell me everything about yourself in a blog-friendly number of words.
A: Oh gosh, born and raised on an island. Now I live in North Texas.
S: […] Okay, I’m going to need more words than that.
A: Um…I come from a big military family, so I travelled a lot growing up. I lived in Spain, then Guam, then Texas, back to Guam, then back to Texas. And now I’ve found my home in good ol’ Fort Worth. I’ve lived in the area for 20 years, but I’ve worked in Fort Worth for six years.
S: Where did you work before?
A: I worked for XTO Energy for five years. I started as an intern, and they hired me full-time after college.
S: How do you like Schaefer so far?
A: I love Schaefer. I love the people, the different work and meeting clients that come in.
S: I’m not Ken, you don’t have suck up to me.
A: Oh, I hate it here. Just kidding.
S: Cool, how about something important. What is your favorite animal?
A: My favorite animal? Um…I kinda like the honey badger. He’s got a great motto.
S: Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?
A: I do, plus mustard. That’s it.
S: And here I thought I was going to like you. What else can you tell me to make up for the fact that you’re a ketchup person?
A: Let’s see…I won the Steer Fort Worth photo contest. Mayor Price picked my photo and I won a new Canon DSLR camera.
S: Actually, I’m the photographer around here. You should probably keep that at home.
A: (sigh)
After that, the phone rang and I got the feeling that the interview was over. So we may never know the truth about where Amanda was when the Hindenburg blew up, but we can continue to speculate. I’m Scott for Channel Scott News, signing off.