May 11, 2016

Schaefer Scores Another Addy

Addy Kryger came to us from the magical land of Kansas, as a budding senior at TCU, eager to get her hands on account coordination, social media and marketing. And we gave her a run for her money. As an intern, she was super driven, extremely resourceful, brought homemade cupcakes to a set (on her off-day), rocked with us at the Battle of the B®ands and ultimately fought her way into our hearts. She just finished her Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication this May, and we couldn’t be more ready to bring her on. We scored 11 Golds at this year’s AAF awards, but none beat this Addy! And before we lose your attention, here are some questions she answered:
Schaefer: So Addy, you opted out of the gap year right after college? What gives?
AK: Yes. I got back as quick as I could.
Schaefer: What did you do on your vacation?
AK: I had two weeks in-between my internship and starting full time. The first week, I went apartment hunting, found an apartment, signed a lease, moved out of a house and into a two-bedroom apartment… on the fifth floor. I have one roommate who moves in in July. So that was a lot of fun. And the second week I went home to Kansas City.
Schaefer: Other than being from Kansas City and now living on the fifth floor, what should we know about you?
AK: That’s a good question. I like to have fun. I’m a fun person–
Schaefer: Like Spongebob fun?
AK: Like Amanda Bynes fun. [pause for laughter] But I’m also a hard worker– I get my work done and then it’s fun time. Hahahaha!
Schaefer: So a twerker?
AK: Definitely a twerker, hahaha!
Schaefer: Okay, if you could be a food, what food would you be?
AK: If people were going to eat me… My mind immediately jumps to cake.
Schaefer: We talkin’ fun-fetti or…
AK: I’m thinking chocolate…Like decadent..
So there you have it folks! She can’t escape baked goods and she’s certainly not in Kansas anymore. Drop her a line and introduce yourself!