August 20, 2021

Spazzy with a side of sarcasm

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. I was one of the first babies born in the Harris Hospital. I went to the Art Institute and got my BFA there and spent all of my professional career working in-house for clients in Fort Worth and at several ad agencies in town.

I met my husband and my dog Bear in high school. My husband Jonathan didn’t become a permanent member of our pack until after college, but he brought our barrel of a girl, Miss Bella, into our lives. She’s a big Tasmanian devil, otherwise known as a red heeler.

What’s something you love to do?

More than anything, I love my dogs. And my husband. I love them so much that I paint them. I’m a total game nerd. Video games, board games, mind games. I enjoy all the games, there’s a million on my phone and PS4, and I own every board game imaginable.

I love spending time with my minis, my nephew and niece, Coco and Margot. They are my whole world. And then there’s cycling. Because I hate running.

What’s your favorite place?

Take me to any river in New Mexico. Rio Chama is my favorite place. I got engaged there. It’s also the first place I ever caught a trout fly fishing. New Mexico is amazing. You can camp, hike, chill, swim, ski—it has everything you want.   

What do you love about the job?

In the most literal sense, I love that I don’t have to do math. But I’m a visual person and it is my version of fine art in a very digital world.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?

Bo Burnham: Inside. If you know, you know.

What’s your favorite book?

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, probably. Super philosophical. It’s the only book I’ve read, and read again. It’s about a talking gorilla and gets into socratic conversations. Stop me if I’m getting too weird! But also, read it. Seriously.

If you could live in any sitcom, which would it be?

Silicon Valley. Because its hilarious and tech-related, which I’m into. The nerdness resonates with my soul. AND because the show and the real-world Silicon Valley needs more women.

Are you a listener or a talker?

Talker to strangers. Listener to my friends. Quiet dinners are my kryptonite, I’ll fill any gap in the conversation with humor. Need an ice-breaker? I’m your gal.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Without consequences, Pizza! Hands down.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?

Painter. Art teacher to pay the bills.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve done for fun?

Cliff jumping in Jamaica. It was not a tourist attraction. It was this locals-only cliff we heard about on beach. If it sounds sketch, that’s because it was. A 14-year-old me thought it was a great idea. And my friend agreed. She had the sense not to actually jump though.

What’s your favorite children’s story?

Thumbelina. My nickname is Margotlina. My mom started calling me that when I feel in love with story. Plus, it’s set in nature, which I can’t get enough of.

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing?

Definitely napping—can’t ever get enough sleep.

Any words of advice?

Your first bet should always be $100 on black.

It’ll set the tone for the whole night.

Why Schaefer?

At the end of my final interview, Ken said I had undersold myself. At that moment, I knew I found the place for growth, both personal and professional. Schaefer is the kind of place you can learn the things you don’t know yet, grow your skills and talents, and have a supportive team that helps you achieve it.