Amber Arnold

Amber Arnold

Title: Copywriter
Nickname: Ambien, Amberkins, Ambee, Hambergesa
Senior Quote: “Live a good life, and do what you love.”

Before coming to Schaefer, Amber was aiming for a career as a pharmacist and has a background in biology. But, she fell into writing after creating a successful series of short stories on social media. She started her career as a social media manager at a small PR agency called Bark PR in San Antonio and then moved to her first copywriting job at Heavy Heavy in San Antonio.

Amber is a rule-breaker, she loves breaking the rules and powering through to communicate ideas outside of the rules. If it communicates what you’re trying to communicate, and the people reading it get it, then it’s successful.

When she’s not working, Amber enjoys listening to music in all formats – radio, vinyl, digital, anything – she loves to explore and discover new music. Amber enjoys immersing herself in travel and fully observing and diving into the culture, food and people of a destination. Amber loves reading expansive books – mostly history – she’s fascinated with how we got here, and the evolution of it all. She has a goal to write a children’s book, and possibly even a series one day. Anything outdoors, especially skiing, Amber is all about all of the outdoorsy things.

Fun facts: