May 18, 2018

Texas sweet and dog treats

Fort Worth has stolen her from Dallas twice, and Panther City says she’s here to stay. Her homegrown and Big D experience has given her a strong foundation to manage the digital efforts that come through our house. Bryn Townsend, our Director of Digital, knows how to balance being a team player and a team leader. Her love of family and her sidekick Labrador Retriever, Abby, serve as proof that she’s a loyal comrade here to stay.

Schaefer: Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in Dallas, and thought I was going to study film in college. So I was looking at schools all over, and really thought I wanted to get out of Dallas/Fort Worth. I ended up visiting TCU in high school because my sister was there for a volleyball camp. I fell in love with it and decided to go to TCU. It was 40 minutes down the road from home. I started as a film major for about a month [laughs] and then switched to strategic communications, and absolutely loved it.

Schaefer: Starting out in film and then moving into strategic communications, how did you land yourself in the advertising industry?
I did internships all over the map. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated, so I interned for Texas Motor Speedway in their Events department. It was a fun gig because I grew up watching Nascar and going to races with my dad. We did the craziest race-day things. It was a blast. After that, I interned for a small Texas country music label here in Fort Worth, doing some PR and marketing.

After graduating, I ended up working for an agency in Dallas. It was a start-up agency and we focused on social and content marketing. I worked on many different clients from TCU, Dillard’s to SXSW. I had my hand in every type of client and account. Speakeasy merged with other digital marketing agencies, so I moved into digital strategy. I love digital marketing – I love everything about it. It’s measurable, and the analytics behind it are always so fascinating. It sort of marries art and science.

Schaefer: So why Schaefer?
I was commuting back and forth from Fort Worth to Dallas for two years, and finally decided I wanted to work back in Fort Worth. That is when I found Schaefer and I have loved it from the moment I met Ken and Sara. It just seems like a great fit.
I had known about Schaefer for a long time, specifically through the Strategic Communications program at TCU. Schaefer was always on my list to look at. With digital marketing, I was really excited to come here and really drive the strategy behind all of our digital efforts.

Schaefer: What is something surprising about Schaefer that you didn’t know until you started working here?
Something that is surprising is how hands-on everyone is from interns to all the way up the chain. There’s no sense of entitlement of things not being within anyone’s job description. I think that is so cool and you really only find that in small agencies. I really respect and enjoy that.

Schaefer: As you can tell, dogs are a welcomed pet around the office. Do you have any pets of your own?
Yes! I have a dog named Abby and she is awesome. She’s a 9-year-old half Labrador, half Golden Retriever. I took her through the time I attended TCU, and have had her ever since. I dress her in bandanas every day. She probably has more bandanas than I have outfits [laughs].

Schaefer: If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?
If money wasn’t an issue, I would be a dog walker.

Schaefer: What is your go-to breakfast?
I am the worst about eating breakfast. I never do and I know it is awful. Probably iced coffee and a piece of fruit, if I’m having a REALLY good breakfast day [Ha!].

Schaefer: What would be your dream day?
My dream day would be turning my phone off and closing my laptop. In my field, it’s nice to disconnect. I would want to take my dog, Abby, and my sister, who’s also my best friend and lives down the street from me, to go hiking. Just being outside, and having a day off. With my job field, you have to be so connected that taking a break from it is really nice.

Schaefer: If you controlled the music in the office, what would you play?
[Ha!] There is some very interesting music in the office sometimes. Probably…this might sound nerdy. Maybe some relaxing country music like Chris Stapleton or Leon Bridges. The rule would be that every song only gets to be played once.

Schaefer: What character from The Office are you?
Hm, that’s tough. I would be Holly Flax because she is really quirky, but sweet. On the weekends, I’d be Meredith [Ha!]. I love the office. I could watch it, over and over again.

Schaefer: Given the opportunity, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone entering the advertising world?
Never assume that things are outside your job description. People will respect you more if you step up to the plate and take on more than your role includes. Secondly, don’t plan to work 40 hours a week, and you shouldn’t, especially if you are young and hungry. You should be first in and last out of the office. That is how you earn respect.