August 12, 2014

“What’s inspiring you right now?”

Scott Porter – Copywriter, Photos, Video, etc.

For photography, I recently discovered the work of Josh Wool. Portraits are my favorite thing to take, and his are awesome. Between his work and all the Photoshop tutorials I’ve been watching lately, I’m really itching to shoot a lot more.

For writing, I’m currently reading a collection of Hunter S. Thompson’s articles for Rolling Stone. I’d (somehow) never read any of his stuff before or seen any of the movies about him. For being known as a drug-addled wild man, his writing is surprisingly coherent. Irreverent and vulgar, yes, but uncompromising. I think he’d be the kid who called the emperor naked. I doubt any client is going to ask for Gonzo-style copy, but I’ll see if I can’t sneak it in somewhere.