June 20, 2017

Zoo Campaign Named OBIE Award Finalist

Every blank slate needs a splash of color.

As part of a new capital initiative by the Fort Worth Zoo to enhance and expand current exhibit space, create new amenities, and further bridge the gap between visitors and their wildlife friends, our team was tasked to gradually get the word out. And we mean gradually.

The Fort Worth Zoo’s capital campaign aims to increase exhibition space and enhance entertainment for its guests. Throughout the next eight years, in four separate phases, the zoo’s efforts will help fill the gaps from the original 1985 Master Plan.

Over the last century, the Fort Worth Zoo has continued to invest in this plan by optimizing an authentic, wildlife experience for its guests. So much, that it’s held a firm seat among the nation’s Top 5 zoos.
So where do we come in? Our team has had the privilege of leaving our mark on this fresh, new phase for our neighbor down the road.

It turns out, the Fort Worth community wasn’t the only one taking notice of our efforts.

Our team is proud to announce A Wilder Vision capital initiative campaign was recognized last month as a Finalist in the 2017 OBIE Awards. Each year, the best out-of home creative campaigns are chosen and recognized by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Google, Apple, Hershey’s and Nike were among the 2017 winning line-up.

A Wilder Vision was created to spur discussion over the 8-year plan that will introduce new amenities and build on current attractions at the Fort Worth Zoo. Each step in the process is aimed at guaranteeing a more engaging experience for visitors and animals alike. With an extensive list of improvements to come, our team took on the challenge to captivate and engage the community in the discussion as they were traveling from Point A to Point B.

And to that, our team can take a victory jump.