Schaefer Advertising Co.


August 9, 2013

Out of This World

The headlining band at this year’s Beastro – a food tasting and live music event at the Fort Worth Zoo – was Starship. Creative director Todd Lancaster decided to take it in a Close Encounters of the Third Kind direction, and it turned out to be the winning concept. (Despite the illustration, no giraffes were served as food at this event.)
Along with more traditional media like outdoor, direct mail and banner ads, we went guerrilla on this project as well. We created a stencil based on Todd’s artwork along with spray chalk to advertise the event on Fort Worth sidewalks. The cans of spray chalk say they’re wash off in a week or so. The fact that we could still see them several months after the event had ended would indicate otherwise. Oops.
Anyway, the event was a lot of fun, Starship rocked the party and a ton of Fort Worth food fans got to stuff their faces and make new friends.

August 5, 2013

This Is Schaefer

July 9, 2013

Goes great on fingers

Now, putting barbecue sauce on the finest beef in the land may seem like sacrilege, but if Nolan Ryan says it’s okay, it is. And if Nolan Ryan puts his name on a barbecue sauce? You know that’s good, too. Okay, technically we put Nolan Ryan’s name on a barbecue sauce, but only because he told us to.

May 15, 2013

Flashview Lifts Off

When our client, Flash Global Logistics, asked us to help launch their new product, we did. (Sometimes we can be pretty literal.)