November 20, 2020

Creating a brand suite that connects with homebuyers

Union Park by Hillwood Communities wanted to differentiate themselves on the market to stand out with their target audience to attract more homebuyers. To do this, we dove into their existing creative suite and focused on the key elements that separated Union Park from its competitors.


  • Evolve the creative campaign by leveraging the approved positioning and key messages
  • Update Union Park’s visual identity to reflect the vibrancy of the brand
  • Craft messaging that would stand out against competitors and stand the test of time

Differentiated Positioning

Union Park is an extraordinary place, created to celebrate the vibrancy of life in Little Elm, Texas. The community itself is dynamic, energetic, and designed for people that pour themselves into an active lifestyle. When we were discovering the market differentiators for Union Park, we wanted to focus on the active lifestyle that the community offers its homeowners. We did that by highlighting the vibrancy of the neighborhood and showcasing the vast array of activities that are available to Union Park residents. Whether it’s scavenger-hunting at Central Park or cooling off at the Cove, there are plenty of opportunities for Union Park homeowners to enjoy community and camaraderie outdoors.

Updated Messaging

When creating the campaign messaging, it was important that we capture the essence and differentiators that separate Union Park from other communities. We also needed to communicate that the variety of home prices make it an incredibly accessible neighborhood for nearly any budget and every phase of life. Furthermore, we needed to highlight that Union Park is a Live Smart™ community, developed around Hillwood’s five enduring principles: connection, well-being, enrichment, stewardship, and convenience. Each of these principles was considered when the spaces at Union Park were designed, so communicating them was crucial to accurately market the community. We created new messaging and positioning to communicate the vibrant lifestyle that Union Park offers. 

Some of our updated messaging featured copy-points: “Live Vibrantly Every Day; Here, Is The Most Vibrant Way to Live; Inspired Living for Every Phase.” Each line touches on the inspired living that helps define Union Park and resonates with new homebuyers.

Building A Comprehensive Creative Suite

When expanding and updating a brand platform, it’s important to reinforce the positioning while improving brand engagement. For Union Park, we worked within the brand platform to update the look and feel of the brand identity but ensured that each iteration still comfortably fit within the brand standards.

The updated creative suite encapsulates the essence of Union Park and evokes the same excitement for vibrant living as a walk through any of the community’s parks. It’s light and green and active and incorporates some of the natural elements that surround Union Park. The result is a fluid identity system and brand mark that accurately communicates the brand’s purpose and place, and is usable on anything from signage to web banners.


  • Developed a comprehensive creative suite that is flexible across mediums
  • Updated campaign messaging to better connect with target audiences
  • Won Best Overall Advertising Program at 2020 McSam Awards
  • Created a new website focused on engagement and conversion
  • Created award-winning signage used at Union Park
  • Greatly exceeded YTD home sales goals