April 14, 2020

Harmonizing analytical recommendations and the life of a girl-mom

Let’s start by getting to know you a little better. Tell us about yourself.
I’ve been married for about five years to my husband Joshua, and we have a two-year-old daughter named Avery. We’re very much in toddler mode right now— she’s 2 going on 22, and she shares a lot of my same qualities – she’s very independent. We spend a lot of our time in Keller and Southlake, and we lead worship at Milestone Church in Keller. Joshua plays guitar in the band, and I’m a singer, mostly backup (laughs), but I also play piano and enjoy playing it with Avery. I spend a lot of time with my family and my twin sister either shopping or just hanging out – we’re connected at the hip.

What’s something you love to do?
I make a lot of stuff – I’m very crafty. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are my happy places, and I get strange angst when I can’t go to Hobby Lobby on Sundays. You name it, and I can make it. I’ve made mums, wreaths, planned events like baby showers and wedding showers. I’m the crafty person in the family, I can literally make anything.

I also really love to travel – Italy and Spain are my favorite places to be. My husband and I really love Europe.

What’s your favorite place?
I’m kind of a homebody. As much as we go out and do things, my favorite place to be is at home on the patio with my family. We love to crank up the music and garden together. You show me an outdoor plant, and I can probably name it. I worked for a landscape architecture firm in Newport, Rhode Island, which I really loved. I grew up going to my grandmother’s farm in Missouri, and we’d go crazy picking fruits and vegetables and flowers together.

If you could do anything besides what you are doing now, what would you do professionally?
Voiceovers (begins singing ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’), I think about being Kristen Bell every single day. I guess it’s not too late to go that route, but I don’t know how I’d get started with that. I acted a lot in high school performances, and at Texas Tech I went to the theater and saw that they were having auditions, and I just had to go in and audition to see if I could get in and have some fun – and I got the lead role! I played in Sondheim’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. It is a riot of a performance. I just love acting, it was the best experience ever.

What is the last thing you binge-watched?
I watched all three seasons of The Marvelous Miss Maisel. It was so good, and I identify a lot with the lead character, “Midge.”

What’s your favorite book?
It goes way back – my favorite book was always Little Women. I’m such an old soul, I love reading classics. Growing up, we visited Boston and went to Louisa May Alcott’s house. In Concord, Massachusetts, we visited Walden pond where Emmerson and Thorough lived and worked – it was incredible.

What’s your favorite children’s story?
With Avery, there are so many children’s stories right now. We love Goodnight Moon. There’s something so special and timeless about it. The illustrations are just so magical. There are also two little kittens in it, and one looks just like our cat Penelope.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It’d be a Neapolitan style Margherita pizza – I could eat one every day.

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you spend it doing?
Probably craft time at Kimberly’s Craft Corner.

If there weren’t any more computers, what would be your new occupation?
Voice overs, for sure. I’ve always been told that I have a really good voice.

Any words of advice?
Something I’ve learned over the years is, it’s not necessarily about the work that you’re doing – yes that’s important – but it’s how you get there. I don’t think anything we do can be done alone, but I really lean on the team around me to accomplish things.

As I get older, I try to begin every day with gratitude by trying to be actively thankful for the people in my life, our health, and everything else It helps keep me positive.

What do you love about the job?
I love that my focus is on analytics and insights – which is my strength – but I’m also focused on how I can help out in other areas. I just like to be able to offer my expertise whenever I can. I love the fact that everybody is so receptive to hear what each other has to say.

Why Schaefer?
Being a Fort Worth native, I wanted to get back to my roots. I grew up going to the Fort Worth Zoo, the Kimbell Art Museum, and other key areas of Fort Worth – all of those are my first memories. So, when the opportunity arose to work close from home, I jumped on it. I just wish I got here sooner, really. I really love the culture at Schaefer, it really feels like you’re at home. Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome.