August 2, 2016

Ringo, George, Paul and Jackie

At our agency, each project is touched by an invisible hand who sources and manages the right partners to make our projects a success. A getter of goods. An accumulator of accoutrements. A manager of men. And Production. Mostly Production.

We met our newest, Mrs. Jackie Medling, coming from 8 years of Production and traffic management in Dallas. I prepped her that we like to light-heartingly interview our new folks. And that I MAY replace spicy choice selections with the word ‘Bubblegum.’ So with no more delays, here is that interaction:
Schaefer: So you’ve spent some time in Dallas? Is that correct? Tell us about your favorite place. As in, Jackie’s Guide to Dallas?
JM: If there was a one night or one day, I would suggest either going to the Bishop Arts area; there’s lot of cool funky places and good restaurants and cool book shops and coffee shops. So there or lower Greenville. They’ve redone Greenville recently.
Do you have anything against Upper Green..ville?
I mean I wouldn’t go above Mockingbird on Greenville. You can but it gets into suburbs and neighborhoods and stuff. I like to stay below certain streets. Hahahah.
Speaking of mockingbirds and then Blackbirds. I hear you know every Beatles lyric?
Almost yeah, yeah.
Do you have a favorite or one that you’ve always been like: “whats that about?”
Favorite? Because I’m a little sentimental I like: “In my Life.” That’s one of the songs I love the most. Because It reminds me of my dad and there’s a line that says: “In my life, I love you more.” Also the line: “Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog’s eyes.” I’ve always thought: whats up with that? Its weird and creepy.
Weird and creepy, makes me think of weird and sleepy. And we’ve kind of touched on it but, how important is sleep to you?
Its uh-hella important. I mean…very important…
Bubblegum important?
You know, I like to go to bed around 9. I would like to wake up around 9. I can nap on command…
Last question I have written is: How did you hear about Schaefer?
So I lived two streets away [pointing] Me and my husband used to walk our dogs and I used to always walk by Frank Kent and I always looked at the office and thought: A. That’s such a cool building and B. I wonder if they are big enough to, you know hire out. And also you guys make sick-cool work.
So when the position came up, I thought : “That would be a dream job. No… Bubblegum.” I’ve got to get in there. Hahaha
So pretty much, from off the street. The word on the street haha.
Yeah pretty much.
Any final thoughts for your adoring fans?
Ummm… Tip your Bartenders.