May 15, 2019

Rural royalty

Jacqline Gaber prides herself on the genuine connection she makes with her clients. With nearly eight years of ad-industry account service under her belt, she leads clients down a strategic path to marketing success. We’re happy to have this North Texas native on-board and enjoyed getting to know her a little better.
Schaefer: Start by telling us a little about yourself.
A true River Rat at heart, I grew up just south of Weatherford on the Brazos River and graduated with a B.B.A in marketing from Tarleton State University. From childhood to high school I wanted to be an attorney, but while in a high school co-op program, watching a behind the scenes video on how Blue Bell shot a commercial, I realized I wanted to work in advertising.
My junior year of college in helping a friend plan her wedding, I was introduced to her wedding coordinator, and she and I became fast friends. Instead of taking a traditional agency internship, I took a part-time position as her assistant. After two years of coordinating chaos, I decided wedding planning wasn’t going to be a career for me, so I took a job at an agency in Fort Worth as the CEO’s executive assistant and receptionist. Easily the hardest job I have ever had. But I was grateful for the opportunity to be in a position where I was able to work on multiple projects across multiple departments.
Over six and a half years there, I held many positions and worked on a variety of brands, but when the opportunity to interview at Schaefer with Ken, Sara, and Jake fell in my lap, I knew Schaefer was going to be my new home. The ability to have the focus of one industry and the opportunity to work on three eye health care brands is invaluable for my career growth.
Schaefer: What specifically drew you to Schaefer?
Schaefer produces excellent work from a very talented team, and I knew that being a part of this team would challenge me both personally and professionally. In addition to that, there’s a respect for Ken and the agency in the community that’s always been a draw for me.
Schaefer: Advertising aside, what job would you love to have?
Hands down, I’d be an attorney.
Schaefer: What is something you’ve meant to try but haven’t gotten around to it?
I keep promising myself I’m going to learn how to ballroom dance.
Schaefer: Any specific type of dance?
All of it. I am secretly a Dancing with the Stars junkie. I have watched since season one, and I’m obsessed! I need to get out of my comfort zone and do it.
Schaefer: What is a topic that you are passionate about?
My twin brother and I were adopted, so adoption is something I’m passionate about. My view on the topic usually surprises people.
Schaefer: What celebrity’s life fascinates you? Dead or alive.
I have a few, but my current obsession is Michelle Obama. Politics aside, it’s hard not to love her! There’s a realness about her that I think a lot of celebrities’ lack. She has this quintessential rag to riches type of story and has always remained humble. She has a servant’s heart and this warm but authoritative tone . . . I don’t know what it is, but I just want to hug her!
Schaefer: What’s the quirkiest thing you’ve seen around the office?
The plant obsession around here is insane. When the guy from Grow can predict the next plant, you’re going to buy; you might have a problem.
Schaefer: Has anything strange happen to you at the office?
On my first day at Schaefer Ken had to call 911. One of my co-workers was eight months pregnant and passed out during our agency status meeting. Obviously, we didn’t finish the meeting, and I didn’t even get to eat the breakfast tacos they brought in to celebrate my first day [Laugh]. It took the pressure off of me for sure.
Schaefer: What makes you excited to come into the office every day?
It’s exciting to get up and come to a place where you know you’re going to be appreciated, empowered and challenged each day.
Schaefer: What are some words of advice for someone looking to start their career in advertising?
Don’t do it! Kidding! Do it. If anyone wants to get into advertising at all – start agency side. The type of people that you meet in a small agency setting will be the type of relationships that you will never forget, and you’ll have friendships forever. I’m the professional I am now because of those relationships. I’ve had mentors, bosses and co-workers who have shaped and molded me into the well-rounded AE I am today.
Schaefer: What would your last meal be?
Mac and Cheese.
Schaefer: Just mac and cheese?
Yep. Brand doesn’t matter, mixed-ins don’t matter – well as long as it’s not seafood, I don’t eat things that swim.