By Schaefer Team in Culture, Journal

Make Life Better DAY

Today is a celebration of all the days that lead us here. A reminder that each day is a gift and that every pursuit, big or small, is worthy of the good you put into it. In that spirit, we ask you to think of today as an opportunity to Make Life Better.

For the past 25 years, those words have been the lens through which we at Schaefer see everything. It’s present in our culture, on our walls, and how we approach each day. So, at this moment, on this day, lean into the idea that the good you do now can make the world a better place. We certainly will be!

It may only be official in 2020, but this is the kind of day we love to repeat. So make the most of your Make Life Better Day, and meet us back here, next year. Better yet, make life better every day.