July 22, 2015

Meet Sandy-not-her-real-name

Today, we are introducing our newest team member, Sarah Estes, to you, the internet. You’re welcome. She’s new. She’s a senior account manager. She’s focusing on our technology clients. Let’s see what else we can find out about her.
Schaefer: First off, we already have a Sara here, so is there anything else we can call you?
Sarah Estes: Jon has already started calling me Sandy. That and Sesty, but that doesn’t sound very good.
Schaefer: No it doesn’t. I like Sandy. Would you actually respond to that?
Sarah: Yeah, I already have actually.
Schaefer: Good, it’s settled then. What is the most important thing we should know about you, Sandy?
Sandy: If you can read my face, I’ll never need to say anything. I have a very expressive face.
Schaefer: For another point of view, let’s see what Megan thinks. Megan, tell everyone about Sarah, I mean, Sandy.
Megan: Can I just talk, and you just make it pretty in words? Are you typing that? You should’ve just said “no!” If I had to sum up Sarah, I’d say she’s so spunky that she puts my sassiness to shame, and it makes me seem more normal. And that’s my summary of Sarah. The end.
Schaefer: Any rebuttal, Sandy?
Sandy: You ain’t seen nothing yet. This is really downplaying it.
Schaefer: So what are you like when you’re not downplaying it?
Sandy: Oh, ooo. I think I’m the girl that always shoots it straight. Sometimes it’s a good thing; sometimes it’s a bad thing. I can literally get along with anybody. I don’t judge.
Megan: She loves shoes. And she paints her nails in weird places.
Sandy: Yeah, that’s something I do. I’ve got three bottles of polish on my desk.
Schaefer: You’re not going to try to paint my nails, are you?
Sandy: I mean, I think a black would look good. Just the pinky.
At this point in the interview, I left. So that’s all you get to know about Sandy for now. I think it’s safe to assume she’ll fit in just fine.