August 29, 2016

A Rebellious Blonde

We sat down with our newest Account Coordinator, Morgan Staral, to introduce her to the world, per our world famous interviews. This interview was unique because we’ve been warming up to Morgan for months through her internship, and by now we have a decent understanding of how embarrassed we can make her. She politely obliged, after her billable work concluded, and we chuckled through topics ranging from: small towns, local deities and dismemberment. So without further adieu, our freshest devotee:
The first thing I have written down: Rumor has it that you hate blondes. Tell me about that.
{Laughs} Let me think about this…
You’re not going to write everything I say right? {Laughs} Well most people say that brunettes….I don’t know. People say blondes have more fun.
Okay so you wanted to be brunette to disprove–
I wanted to be rebellious.
Towards the blondes? You wanted to be a rebellious blonde?
No. I wanted to be a rebellious brunette!
You wrote down you’re kind of from Aledo–
… For sure from Aledo. {Laughs}
My apologies, {laughs}. What led you to stick around DFW after you graduated high school? Did you visit Fort Worth a lot?
Mainly because I love my family. I love Fort Worth too, but I really didn’t want to be out of my comfort zone at the time. And on the weekends yes, I’d visit Fort Worth, but on the weekdays I was busy being an athletic trainer.
Any short stories?
As an athletic trainer, you have to keep your stuff together. So when people get hurt, you have to try to not freak out. But you know how I am with medical things–
You run?
Yeah I run. {Laughs} So having to run to the injured player…was always horrifying. This one time a player’s fingers were stuck in another guy’s face-mask. We had to cut the face-mask off while his fingers were still stuck. That’s when I knew my training career needed to come to an end…
And we ran with scissors.
Everything your mom told you not to do. {we laugh} So how did you hear about Schaefer?
Well my best friend Katie is the daughter of Ken’s good friend. One time we were at an airport in Nashville and Ken was actually there. She ended up sitting next to him on the plane and we had no idea what the future held, but she introduced us. Then when I was looking to work at an ad agency, Katie suggested looking at Schaefer (even though I had my heart set on leaving Fort Worth) and well the rest is history…
Then you know the art show thing the graphic designers do?
Oh yeah the FW Creative Co-op Gauntlet?
I saw Ken and I was like, “BOW DOWN he’s a god!!” (knowing that shortly I would be an intern at Schaefer). All my friends started laughing and geeking out with me because even in graphic design, he’s a big deal!
{Laughs} Even if it doesn’t make it to the interview, he’s gonna hear about that.