September 1, 2015

Opinion: Google's New Look

Google unveiled a new logo today. And while they chose not to run it past us first, we feel sure that they’re still very curious what our opinions are on the matter. Therefore, I’ve assembled our crack team of rebranding experts to weigh in on the update.
Blair: My first impression is that I like the multi-colored “G” as the icon.
Jon: Because of its simplicity, I kept looking at it to try to notice details, but then I realized that the simplicity is the detail.
Charlie: My first thought was, “It’s about time.” To me, this matches everything they’ve been doing for the past few years – from a UI perspective, from a design perspective…
Scott: So, simple question: Do you like it?
Charlie: Yes.
Blair: Yes.
Jon: I think it serves its purpose.
Scott: Do you feel like this is an innovative mark, or are they following a trend?
Jon: I think they’re following the trend that when a company is successful, they can rely on a mark that’s simple. It’s kind of a power move.
Blair: I think the other things with the logo like the animations, the “G” logo and the little man that turns up the “E” in the video gives it some personality.
Charlie: I think they’re kind of the poster child for a dynamic logo, and they’ve built on that for so many years with animations and games, etc. It’s never been static, and this new typeface fits the playful whimsy that you’d want if your name was Google. Another big part of their new identity is the animated dots and the interaction they create. There’s a robotic response to it, whereas I wouldn’t be surprised if you could soon be talking to your browser.
Scott: Do you think they ripped off Siri with the ‘OK Google’ thing?
Charlie: No, they’ve had that for a while.
Blair: Apple has Siri, but Google is Google. It’s a noun and a verb.
Charlie: I think they started the trend, and their brand embodied it. Now, I think their logo fits that trend that they created. In all honesty, I think Apple followed the trend that Google started a few years ago.
*At this point, Amanda brought cookies and everyone went downstairs. So there it is, Google. Schaefer Advertising approves of your new logo.
**A little while later, Todd came back from a meeting and decided to weigh in.
ToddI associate Google with the thin, serifed, lower-case “G,” so I wouldn’t have updated to a bold, sans-serifed font. Nike didn’t add a wave to their swoosh after 17 years. That’s all I got.